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An Exclu Review by Tham Ying Keet

After a lacklustre Infinity War Captain America, SH Figurarts stepped up their game with their version of the Infinity War Black Widow. I received mine last week and wasted no time in unboxing the figure and share with you guys my thoughts of the figure.

Black Widow is my most anticipated Infinity War figure from the SH Figurarts line. I was very impressed with the headsculpt when I saw the solicitation pictures of her. She was the second Infinity War figure which I pre-ordered after the disappointing Captain America.


  1. Black Widow figure
  2. 4 pairs of interchangeable hands
  3. 2 batons
  4. 1 long staff
  5. 2 baton handles
  6. 3 interchangeable face sculpt





Let’s start off with the main reason that attracted me to this figure and that is the headsculpt. This figure comes with three facial expressions of the Black Widow and I have to say all three facesculpt bears an uncanny resemblance to Scarlet Johansson. Similar to the Justice League Wonder Woman, SH Figurarts these facesculpts are interchangeable and are attached to the hair of the figure. She comes with a relaxed and  angry faces and also a face where the eyes are looking right. I am really impressed with the facesculpts on this figure and I can go as far as to say that they’re better than the Hot Toys version of the Infinity War Black Widow!

Going through the figure, the vest is perfectly sculpted with zippers and straps. The belt itself is a separate piece and does not hinder articulations. You can see that she is wearing her Black Widow costume underneath that vest of hers. I noticed that they also sculpted lines of patterns on her costume, from the arms to her legs as well. She also have weapon holsters at both side of her legs but sadly they didn’t give her any sidearm. I also love the knee pads which covers the joints when you bend her knees, which makes it great for posing when taking pictures. The boots are nicely sculpted too with lots of details. There is also a backpack of sorts behind her where we could insert the two baton handles that come with her and there are those famous Black Widow gaunlets sculpted nicely on both her arms.




Let’s start with the hair on the figure, it’s painted in blonde with some black wash on it. Skin tone is perfect and matches the real life Scarlet Johansson. Apart from her vest which is painted in green color and the heels on her boots that are painted in grey, the rest of the figure is dominated in black color. I must say that the black color is painted in a way that it mimics the type of elastic leather look of the Black Widow costume in Infinity War. Overall, I am impressed with the paint application on this figure!




You can come to expect the type of articulations that come with a SH Figurarts action figure. Arms are single jointed but they can come up to more than 90 degrees. Hand are connected on small pegs and they tend to come off easily when we’re trying to pose her which is slightly annoying for me. Legs can come up to 90 degrees but they don’t go backwards much to give way to that beautifully sculpted bottom of the figure. Her head can look down at a decent amount but not much upwards because of her sculpted hair. You can have her arched back because there is a separate joint at her upper chest area. She doesn’t have much of a waist swivel, so you have to be extra careful not to apply too much force when turning her from left to right. In fact, the instructions did warn us not to use excessive force when bending, pulling or attaching movable parts. I had the privilege of not heeding to the instructions and ended up detaching the joint from the one that was attached to both her legs! It took me a while to get the joints back into place, so you have been warned. Overall, you still can get her into decent action oriented poses just be careful not to overdo it.

She comes with pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of closed fisted hands, a pair of gripping hands to hold her weapons, a pair of relaxed hands and last but not least opened fists for those martial arts poses. Just like in the movies, her batons can be used as single weapons for each hand or they can be formed into a long staff. You are given these options here where she has two batons and a long staff (you can refer to the picture of the package shown above). These weapons can be detached for easy insertion into the weapon holding hands but I find them coming off easily when we’re getting her into action poses. There are also two small weapon handles that can be inserted into the back of her backpack.



I ordered this figure from Amiami for 5,480 JPY ($50-38 Pounds) excluding shipping which is cheaper than what I had to pay for the SH Figuarts Captain America! Factor in the amount of facesculpts and weapon options, I would say that the price was worth it.



I really love this figure! It is a true action figure representation of the Infinity War movie Black Widow in 1:12 scale. The figure is beautifully sculpted and painted to look like Scarlet Johansson’s character in the movie. It comes with a truckload of alternate faces, hands and weapons for your posing pleasure. I highly recommend you guys to pick this one up.


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Last modified: September 1, 2018

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