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Exclu Sculpt Review by Tham Ying Keet


We at The Exclu Collective were some of the fortunate few who received two Stan Lee headsculpts from the talented team of artist and sculptors from Oldboy CTTS for their 10k milestone giveaway. I received mine last week and wasted no time in taking some shots of the head and also to share with you guys what I think of the headsculpt.




This is by far the best 1:12 scale Stan Lee headsculpt that I have come across. The likeness to Stan Lee is uncanny. The headsculpt that I received is the exclusive version with gold coloured rims with black lens as opposed to the normal version with black coloured rims with brown lens. The rims on the sunglass is sculpted and not painted which I feel adds nice touch to the headsculpt. The wrinkles are also well sculpted on the face.



The headsculpt is well painted by the artist from the Oldboy team. The hair is painted grey and dry brushed with a few layers of grey and white color to add to the realism of an aging Stan Lee. The skin tone is just nice, not too tanned. As I have mentioned earlier, the rims on the glasses are painted in gold color with black color lenses.



This headsculpt is up for preorder now and for a limited time only as they don’t do rebatch. The price is 36 USD per head and according to the team, prices will be quoted in their local currency (THB) – 1150 THB. I feel that the price point is very reasonable for a fully painted original headsculpt and that includes shipping as well.



The team have managed to come up with a great Stan Lee headsculpt. I have seen several versions of a 1:12 scale Stan Lee headsculpt and I must say this is the one that impressed me the most. This headsculpt is made to fit on a Marvel Legends, Mafex and SHF Figuarts suited body with help from some putty/sticky tac. I also had a lot of fun putting this head on a Marvel Legends Iron Man, Ant-Man and Ego (Guardians Of The Galaxy) body for some toy shots!



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Last modified: August 24, 2018

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