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Exclu Tutorial by guest creative Harold Ruiz

12. Start shooting after setup

We welcome Harold Ruiz to the platform once more as he showcases a simple but more then effective way to create water and splash effects using cheap and easy to get a-hold of items.

There are many ways to mimic water and splash effects. Making water effects out of hot glue or transparent sealant can be time consuming and therefore takes time away from you making shots.

I am happy to share a fast, cheap and easy way to create the illusion of water in your shots. I will be using my S.H.Monsterarts Godzilla 2014 for this tutorial.

Materials to use:

  1. Blue cellophane
  2. Saran wrap

1. Intro materials

Upon purchasing your cellophane, crumple up in your hands once or twice. Once you open up your cellophane, you can already see how the cellophane creates the illusion of water waves and ripples.

Before placing your cellophane on your table, you could use a thin foam board painted in blue to intensify the effect or just use a second layer of blue cellophane.

4. Optional blue foam board

Once you place down your cellophane, start setting up your figures posing. Remember to observe your figures posing through your camera viewfinder.

7. Check your posingOnce you have the pose you want, add in the splash effects with the saran wrap. I like to spray my Godzilla figure with water to give him the wet appearance.

Add in any props you may have concerning your figure. Remember to adjust your lights and use your fill and once you have everything ready you’re good to go.

10. Add in propps into scene12. Start shooting after setup

13. Edit and make adjsutments in PS

Once you have the best shot, make any adjustments and editing you need to make in Photoshop. I hope you found this tutorial very helpful. Blue cellophane and saran wrap is cheap and is great for creating water effects in your shots. This method is also very fast and easy and won’t take time away from crating your shots.

14. Final photo after PS edit

And that concludes our bite-size tutorial from Harold Ruiz so we say a massive thank you to Harold for taking the time to share his tips to educate others and be sure to follow his projects across his social media at @figuremaniataiwan.

For all the latest Toy Photography tips & tricks, stay tuned to Exclu Tutorials.

Last modified: June 9, 2019

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  1. Dazz Croft says:

    Very clever shot. Thanks for sharing

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