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I received my Red Skull figure based on Marvel Studios’ Captain America – The First Avenger recently and was very excited to open him up and do a review for you guys. This is figure number 2 as stated at the box from the Marvel Stud10s – The First Ten Years series by Hasbro.


  • Red Skull figure
  • 3 Hydra soldier heads
  • Hydra harness
  • 1 grabbing hand
  • 1 Blaster





This figure comes with four headsculpts including the Red Skull one and as you know by now this figure can double as Red Skull and also a Hydra Soldier. The thing to know is that all three Hydra Soldier headsculpts did appear in the movie and they are beautifully sculpted. Let’s talk about the Red Skull headsculpt.  At first glance, I felt that it doesn’t resemble Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull from the movie but after some comparison to the movie still, we can definitely see the resemblance there. As usual, Hasbro did a great job with their digital face print that they’re currently using on their movie characters.

This figure is wearing that dark green uniform with the red stripes that you see in the movie. You’ve got the black stripe coming down in the middle with the gold buttons. He also has a belt that has a Hydra symbol sculpted at its buckle. There’s also a Hydra logo sculpted on the left arm. The red stripes are sculpted and not painted which I feel is a nice touch.



The headsculpt itself is beautifully painted with a black wash that brings out the sculpt underneath the red paint. The gloves and boots are painted in glossy black so that you get that shiny military look to them. The uniform itself is painted in dark green and I very much prefer the black trench coat one which the Red Skull wore midway into the movie. As far as I know, there is already a version of that uniform announced as a SDCC exclusive which comes with a prop replica of the Tesserect which lights up plus he also comes with a 1:12 scale Tesserect which is sorely missing in this set.




For articulations, his head can move to the left and right. You can have him looking up and down at a decent amount as the head comes in a ball hinge joint. The arms are attached to a standard ball joint, he comes with a decent biceps swivel, double hinge elbows so you bend his arms into a good weapon holding position. He also has a decent waist swivel and you could get the legs to kick to the front and sides. He has a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle pivots. All in, these are standard articulations which you will find on a Marvel Legend figure.



This figure is retailing from $25 on Entertainment Earth to $38 over at Amazon Prime. I managed to get mine for $28 from a local supplier here in Malaysia. For $28, I think it’s a great price for this figure as you get extra 3 alternate heads to change it to a Hydra Soldier. A lot of collectors will be getting a least 3 to 4 to army build some WW2 era Hydra Soldiers and that makes this figure highly sought after but if you are not a fan of Captain America – The First Avenger movie, then this is an easy pass for you.




This is a solid package from Hasbro. Not only are they giving you the Red Skull figure but also optional headsculpts to transform it into a Hydra soldier. My favorite among the three extra headsculpts would be the one with the fully helmeted one. I have only two gripes about this package, the first one is that I can’t get the trigger finger to fit into the trigger of the weapon. The other would be that Hasbro should have made this a two pack whereby we get the Red Skull by itself in his black trench coat and the Hydra soldier in this dark green uniform.

My final thoughts on this set? This is a great representation of the MCU Red Skull that is  well painted, sculpted and have good amount of articulations. Hasbro has done a great job with their face printing technology and again, it shows on this figure.  I see a lot of people getting this one and army building them as Hydra Soldiers.


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Last modified: August 24, 2018

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