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Exclusive shoot by Exclu creative Shahzad Bhiwandiwala

ThreeZero T-51 - 6

We’re excited to debut an exclusive shoot from Exclu photographer Shahzad as he turns his lens onto the ThreeZero Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armour figure from the hugely popular Fallout gaming franchise from creators Bethesda.

ThreeZero T-51 - 1ThreeZero T-51 - 3ThreeZero T-51 - 4ThreeZero T-51 - 5ThreeZero T-51 - 6ThreeZero T-51 - 7

Check out what Shahzad has to say about his most recent project :

“The figure photographed here is the incredible 1/6 Scale T-51 Power Armour by ThreeZero from the smash hit Fallout series of video games produced by Bethesda.

The Power Armour is a mech suit developed by the American Army in the world of Fallout where post 1945 there was a boom in usage of Atomic Energy across all facets of life right from transportation to defence. The T-51 was among the initial variants developed and one of many variants found in the world of Fallout. Coincidentally this very version of the Power Armour has been shown heavily in the promotional material for the  upcoming Fallout 76.

Being an ardent gamer and having played every Fallout game multiple times from the first one to the most recent 4th instalment this figure was an absolute pleasure to shoot. I have many more ideas that I wish to try with this figure and I hope you guys enjoy this gallery as much as I did shooting it.”

We’re proud of Shahzad’s latest shoot as it further reinforces his credentials as one of the communities most talented photographers. You can catch all the info on the figure over on the Bethesda site where they have the figure up for $350 at the time of writing.  If, like us , you’re into the Fallout franchise then we’ll leave you with the trailer for the upcoming Fallout 76 releasing later this year :

For all the latest from across the toy community, stay tuned, to Exclu.

Last modified: July 24, 2018

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