I’m not sure I remember an SDCC with so many new one-sixth figure reveals. I don’t have an official count, but HT showed off at least thirty new figures on Thursday. I’ll try to get to them all, but for now, here are my top three Hot Toys reveals…



#3 Princess Leia – Bespin Gown

Sure, it’s a look that lasted all of about 10 minutes in the film, but this may be the best-looking Leia yet. The ANH sculpt was very good, the Hoth version was a bit off, but this one really hits the mark. The clothing here looks very prototype but I have no doubt they will come through there, I just hope the sculpt/paint stays this way through production.

What’s also exciting about this is that it means ESB Han, Lando and maybe even a new Bespin/Dagobah Luke (DX or not) might not be far behind!


#2 Vulture – Spider-Man Homecoming

This may be it. This may the figure that sets me down the neverending hole that is 1/6th Marvel figures. I’ve fought the urge for so long, limiting myself to only Captain America: The First Avengers figures, but…I mean…LOOK at this!

I don’t even know where I’d put it, but I’ll find room. And of course, I’ll need Spider-Man and maybe an Iron Man to go with him so…dammit, I’m screwed. Can’t even guess what this will cost but if I had to, I’d say $280 at least. Hope it comes with an unmasked sculpt, but I’m not holding my breath.



#1 TIE: Shuri – Black Panther/Darth Maul & Sith Speeder

Who doesn’t love Shuri? One of the best supporting characters in an MCU movie ever. She’ll make a great Iron Heart (did I say that?! Spoiler alert?). This takes the number one spot simply for the amazing sculpt. Hot Toys has been on fire nailing likenesses over the last two years especially, and this approaches one of the best yet. Hopefully, she comes with some cool tech accessories/effects.

Hot Toys Darth Maul looks fantastic. As I have the Sideshow Naboo version and I wasn’t as excited as everyone else for this one, but I can’t deny it looks great, and I will HAVE to have that speeder! Looks like it will include PERS and it better come with the robe! Looks like HTs version has the same “grooves” in the face to guide the paint – hopefully, it’s less noticeable than it is on the Sideshow version.

(Original imagery from Sideshow)

Last modified: July 20, 2018

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