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SDCC 2018 is fully underway and I already have seen enough new collectibles to ensure my kid will never be able to go to college, mostly because I’ll have spent her tuition on plastic crack. In all seriousness though, the show floor has already yielded a boatload of awesome looking figures, statues, busts, and pretty much any style of collectible a geek could desire.

One retailer in general that has blown me away is Sideshow Collectibles, who has shown off all sorts of new collectibles from the various brands it sells under its banner. I mean just look at the new coming soon page! There has to be over 100 new items coming from Sideshow over the next year or so, and if I had Powerball level money I’d buy them all.

Well, unfortunately I don’t play the lottery, nor do I play pro sports, and I’m definitely not a Hollywood actor, so I have to limit my options when it comes to all of the radical new figures being shown off by Sideshow. This has forced me to break down my top desires to just three, and it was no easy task. In fact, I had to choose two for honorable mentions, because there are just so many badass items coming out that is a near superhuman task to just pick three.

My first pick, and the clear number one in my book is the new Darth Maul with Sith Speeder 1/6 scale figure from Hot Toys. I have just recently gotten into collecting Hot Toys now that I’ve gotten over my Funko obsession, so I’m slowly building up my high-end Barbies, and I don’t have a Maul yet, so this release is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve always been super impressed by how well other 1/6 scale Mauls have looked when my fellow toy photographers have shared shots of him, so I can’t wait to get one of my own. To make it even better he’s coming with some props, which us photographers can always use to cook up some gnarly looking scenes for our shots. I don’t care what he’ll cost either, he will be mine, so I’ll be monitoring his pre-order period closely.

My second pick is another new Star Wars figure from Hot Toys (big surprise there), and it is a new 1/6 R2-D2. I mean look at that astromech’s accessories! It’s as if he stock his little prod into a nuclear reactor and it caused his innards to blow out. This version of R2 has damn near every gadget the droid has ever used, and considering my Sideshow R2 just broke his foot – I cried a little – there is room in my collection for another R2 at that scale. Plus, I like how this R2 has a metal dome and not a plastic one, so I think he’ll look even better than the Sideshow version, therefore he shall be mine.

My third pick is a bit random, but I can’t deny the majesty of the sculpt. This figure is the 1/6 Shuri from Black Panther by Hot Toys. I’m not sure I’ll be collecting this figure, because I’m really trying to limit Hot Toys to just Star Wars, but my goodness does the facial sculpt look damn near perfect. I love the look of this figure. It honestly looks like Letitia Wright got dressed up in her costume and then Hank Pym used his Ant-Man tech on her, that’s how lifelike the sculpt of this figure is. I may not be getting it myself, but I can’t wait to see what those of you who do pick her up do with her in a photography sense.

Like I said those are my top three, but I could have easily done a top 10 or more. Others that really blew me away, or made me wax nostalgic are the Ted figure from Bill and Ted, and the Commander Cody 1/6 figure from Hot Toys. I think Ted looks excellent, and we would all be excellent to each other with him in our collections. Cody on the other hand is easily one of the coolest named clones from the prequels thanks to his bitchin helmet, and of course because of his ties to Order 66.


Now I just need to win the lottery, or possibly sell some body parts, because SDCC is only two days in and I already have around $1000 of figures I want to collect. Such is the life of a geek, toy collector, and photographer. We do it for the hobby right?

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(Original imagery and information from Sideshow)

Last modified: July 19, 2018

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