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Exclu review by Tham Ying Keet.


I was one of the fortunate collectors from Malaysia to snag myself a set of the Marvel Legends Series – Marvel Stud10s The First Ten Years Captain America & Crossbones – Civil War 2 pack by Hasbro (what a mouthful!). Captain America – Civil War was a great follow-up to Captain America – Winter Soldier, both movies brilliantly directed by the Russo brothers.



  • Captain America & Crossbones figures
  • Unmasked heads for both Captain America & Crossbones
  • Captain America shield




Let’s start off with Captain America, nothing new in terms of sculpting of this figure. This is basically a reissue of the previous Captain America from the BAF Giant Man wave. That being said, what we’re getting this time are new masked & unmasked headsculpts of Captain America. Hasbro has stepped up their game by giving us their best movie version of Captain America and Steve Rogers headsculpts.

You can definitely see the resemblance of Chris Evans here as compared to all the previous MCU unmasked Steve Rogers heads. Let’s talk about the masked headsculpt, upon closer inspection, you can see that this is a major improvement on their previous one, you can actually see that the new one looks a lot more like Chris Evans. There are also slight differences in terms of sculpting of the new helmet, I noticed that you can see that there are double wings at the side as compare to the old one which only had one. If you looked at the back of the head, you will notice that they also sculpted some hair below the helmet which was missing in the old one.


The main reason that I got this set was the Crossbones figure itself and I think that this goes out to all the other collectors out there as well. There have been a lack of villain  figures from the MCU and Hasbro has been making up for this with their 10th anniversary series. Like Captain America, this figure also comes with an unmasked as well as masked head. To be honest, I prefer the masked head over the unmasked one but that doesn’t mean that the unmasked head is not good. It is in fact very good! The unmasked head-sculpt definitely looks like Frank Grillo.

The level of details on this figure are fantastic. You can see that the magazines and shells are sculpted on each arms. The chest piece itself is painted with an X and is also remove-able but I don’t see a reason for that because the figure itself looks dope with the chest piece on. The detailing of the armour plating at the back looks really good as well as the leather at the underside. The details sculpted on this figure really reminds me of the Mafex Deadshot being the only difference is that those magazines and weapons are articulated and remove-able on Deadshot. The gun on Crossbones’ right leg is not remove-able which is a bummer. Going further down, you can see that the camouflage pants as well as the armoured plates and boots which are so well sculpted.

Yes those metal gauntlets are remove-able if you are wondering and are painted in metallic silver and you can see that they have brown colour straps sculpted on them too.  Very fine detailing here, guys!




Let’s start with the headsculpt on Captain America, Hasbro did a great job painting the eyes on both the masked and unmasked heads. I must say that I prefer the unmasked Steve Rogers head on this figure as compared to the recently released S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Captain America. Somehow I think that the hair with the blonde highlights look better than that S.H. Figuarts one.



As comparison to the previous Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America, this one has a dark wash throughout the figure which I really like. I feel that this is more movie accurate as compared to the previous version. This is especially noticeable on the red and white stripes on the uniform and I am really a fan of that. You can really fault much on this latest version of a Marvel Legends movie Captain America figure, it is definitely a great improvement over the previous versions.


The shield that comes with the figure has a metallic gloss finished to it although it is plastic and the red and silver colour are much more dynamic on this one as compared to the Civil War version. I really prefer this new version as compared to the old one as I feel that is much more movie accurate shield.



As with the Captain America figure, Crossbones also comes with two heads. One masked and also an unmasked head. I prefer the masked or helmeted head over the unmasked one. With the masked head, you can see the detail of the face through the slits which are very well painted and I am a big fan of that and at the front of the helmet, you will notice that it is painted white to look like a skull. I can see a lot potential for this figure to be kit bashed and made into an amored up Punisher.


That being said, the unmasked head is not bad too. You can see that the scars are well painted on the face. The hair itself is just painted in black without any highlights as compare to the Steve Rogers head. My only gripe about the unmasked head is that the eyes are a bit off. If you look at the face upfront, you will notice that the eyes are looking to the side.

The gauntlets themselves are painted in metallic silver which doesn’t feel like plastic at all. The camouflage pants are well painted too and you can see a lot of fine detailing on the pouches attached to the chest plate or vest. Overall, I am very impressed with the paint application on this figure.





For Marvel Legends collectors, you expect the same type of articulations that comes with these two figures. Let’s talk about Captain America first, there’s not much of a head movement that you can do with him especially in the head pivot. He can look up and down at a decent angle. The arms are attached to a standard ball joint, he comes with a decent biceps swivel, double hinge elbows so you bend his arms into good boxing poses. He also comes with a midsection joint, so you can have bend to the front really good but not too much to the back. He also has a decent waist swivel and you could get the legs to kick to the front and sides. He has a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle pivots. All in, a very well articulated figure.


As for Crossbones, you can turn his head around smoothly but not much of pivoting to the sides. He can look up and down very well. He comes with biceps swivel, double hinged elbows and you can bend his arms well. You get rotation on the hands if you want to take the gauntlets off and slap a weapon on his hands.


As for the midsection, you can’t really get him to crunch forward much because of the armour plate or vest that he is wearing, in the end you only get waist swivel on the figure unless you want to take the vest off which I think is pointless. You do get a lot of movement with the legs though, you can have him kick forward and backwards. Just like Captain America, he has a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and also ankle pivots.



Let’s talk about pricing, I bought this figure for $57.00 over here in Malaysia. Last I checked, this set is being sold for $50 over at Amazon Prime. Is this set worth picking up?  Yes, I would recommend it if you really want a six inch Crossbones figure to add to your Marvel Legends collection and for all the above reasons when you look at how far the line has come.



My final thoughts on this set? Yes, go get it guys! The figures in this set are well painted, sculpted and have good amount of articulations. Hasbro has done a great job with their face printing technology and it shows in this set. Yes, the argument is that we’re getting another Captain America figure but Hasbro has done such a great job updating this version and it has the best movie Steve Rogers headsculpt in my humble opinion. I see a lot of potential for kit bashing, customising and army building with the Crossbones figure. This is a solid set from Hasbro’s 10th anniversary MCU line.



Check out a hand-full of comparison shots for the figures against other lines :

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Last modified: July 6, 2018

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