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Exclu Review by Stan Russell.


Who doesn’t love the friendly neighborhood Spiderman? We all loved the Homecoming movie, and I know I was super excited to see that he was in Infinity War as well. When this Marvel Legends line was announced, this was immediately one of the figures I wanted to get, because he looked awesome as hell! After seeing the movie, I was even more excited to get this guy, but unfortunately, after opening him up, I was just a little disappointed. Let’s take a closer look at him, and all of his shortcomings (in action figure form anyway), and see what we get as a final score.


• 6″ Iron Spider figure
• Thanos Build-a-Figure leg

What is the one thing that any decent Spiderman figure should come with? Hands! He needs fists, thwipping hands, and maybe some open palms for wall crawling and such. What does this figure come with? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! He does have hands of course (what type of figure would not have any hands), but unfortunately, both his right and left hands are thwipping hands. No fists. No wall crawling. Hell, we don’t even get fists. Lack of hand options make this figure really frustrating when trying to pose due to the limited options.


After watching the movie, and seeing the cool spider legs that he uses, I was hoping to get those as well, but alas, I was let down once again. So far, this guy is really disappointing me. Let’s take a look at the other categories, and see if he can re-deem himself.


I have to really hand it to Hasbro. Lately, their figures have been fantastic is the sculpting department! This Ironspider had a lot of detail, and I was thinking a lot of it would be missed to the intricate details, but man o man, was I wrong. There is small details all over this guy, and they are all done beautifully.


Let’s start with the texture that is all over the entire suit. The entire figure is covered in this small texture that looks like a woven metal of sorts. It looks great, and to me at least, is not overdone one bit. The details and small lines in the suite are all perfect, and that is no small feat considering the amount that there is. With the overall texture, and the futuristic bits all over, the suite looks amazing, and reminds me very much of the movie.


All the muscle detail is sculpted in perfectly, and the spider-lines throughout the entire figure are beautifully sculpted as well. I would swear, if it wasn’t for the other weaknesses of this figure, I would swear I was holding a S.H. Figuarts Spiderman. The spider logo on front and back is spot on, and the head sculpt is perfect as well.



For the most part, the paint is very well done as well. I like the muted and darker reds and blues, and the gold outlines of some parts look fantastic. The gold parts have this very nice shiny paint applied to them, which really sells the metal look. The whole overall figure is also this kind of shiny paint, and it looks fantastic, especially with the proper light.


Overall, there are not many paint misses, but there are a few. The main reason I took one point off for the paint is because where a lot of the joints are, especially in the butterfly joints in the shoulder, the paint is rubbing off. I don’t know if it’s because of the paint, or the texture all over the figure that is making it rub off, but I can see that those shoulders will be bare if I continue to pose them too much.



Here is the biggest let-down of this figure, and it pains me to give it such a low score. First off, the entire figure is loose. It reminds me of a Vegas call girl after a few tequila shots. Just holding the figure, everything just kind of jiggles, and he is not very solid at any point of articulation. That is unless you could the one butterfly joint that won’t budge without me really forcing it.


The head is loose, and has zero side to side motion. It does have butterfly joints, and while they can get the arms in some cool poses, the one that is completely stuck really takes away from it. There are double jointed elbows that give a good range of motion, but it feels like it is going to snap in half every time I put it all the way up. That is an overall problem with this figure, as it feels like each of the joints will break with just a little pressure. Good thing is that it is very loose, and you don’t really have to put much to make him move.

He has an ab crunch that works pretty well, followed by a waist swivel. And of course, you guessed it, the waist is really, really loose. If I fart hard enough, he will completely spin around at the waist. He has decent hip joints, but for a spiderman figure, I want those legs to get all the way up, much like those Vegas call girls. There is double jointed knees which give a decent range of motion, but once again, they are very loose. The feet are loose, but do give a decent range of motion.

So the lesson we have learned today, is while the Ironspider may look cool as hell, he is actually a big bowl of jello disguised as an action figure.



We all know how much Marvel Legends go for ($20), and I’m pretty much sure we can all agree that is a pretty good price. Unfortunately, I feel that even for that price, we are a little jipped with this guy. We get no accessories, no extra hands, and the overall quality of this guy is pretty weak. It is a good price, but lacking when compared to others.



I love the character, love the design of the suit, and think the overall parts are good, but unfortunately, the low quality of the joints, and the extreme lack of any accessories make it hard for me to give this a good score.


It felt like this guy could have been an awesome part of my collection, but I feel he is going to sit in a bag in a drawer for most of his life with me. I have many other Spiderman figures that are better articulated, and don’t feel like they are going to break in my hand at any moment.




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