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Exclu Review by Tham Ying Keet


Avengers : Infinity War has been touted as being the best superhero movie ever. This movie is the meeting point for all Marvel Cinematic characters where they go head on against the main antagonist of the movie – the mad Titan, Thanos. This movie, brilliantly directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, was one hell of a roller coaster ride filled with action packed, humorous and emotional scenes.

Which brings us to the figure being reviewed – Captain America from SHFiguarts. This is the fourth figure in their line of figures based on Infinity War, the rest being :- Star Lord, Dr Strange and Iron Spider. While the Infinity War movie was well received by fans, this figure has been much criticized by collectors in the toy community. I will address this in the later part of this review.



  • Captain America figure
  • 3 pairs of inter-changeable hands
  • 1 spear




You guys must be wondering why this figure gets a 7 out of 10. Let’s start with the headsculpt first. This is one headsculpt which has been complained so much by collectors for not resembling Chris Evans at all. With the figure in hand, I can still see Chris Evans at certain angles and I think with more paint job, you will see it. Going behind the head, there is a small separate piece of hair at the bottom to make better articulation.

The wrinkles are sculpted well all over the uniform from the body to his legs. The straps on his uniform going across the shoulders are sculpted as well and not painted on, SHFiguararts did really good job on them. The belt is a separate piece by itself as well and even the pouches are well sculpted.  I do like the darkened star emblem on the body, that is sculpted as well and the boots looks good too with their straps. The gloves are well sculpted and you also get to see the finger nails on the hands.

He comes with Corvus Glaive’s golden spear which is well sculpted too and do be careful with the edges as they are very sharp. I don’t know why SHFigurarts did not include the Wakandan shield given to Steve Rogers by Black Panther in the movie. I mean that particular scene has been in the trailers all the while and in no way was a spoiler to the audience. This particular spear only appreared at the beginning of the movie when they first encountered the members of the Black Order (Spoilers!!!). Plus I don’t even recalled Captain America using Corvus Glaive’s spear as I am very sure that he was using the one belonging to Midnight Proxima as she threw it at him in the movie (more spoilers!!!). SHFigurarts really dropped the ball on this one. A Captain America figure is not complete without his shield! It looks like I might have to buy the Marvel Legends version of this figure just to get that shield or you may get a shield from a customizer.




Starting with the headsculpt again, the skin tone on the head matches the neck and the arms and hands. You get the usual gold highlights on the hair which comes with nearly all of SHFiguarts figures and I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Overall, I love the black wash all throughout the figure which is very movie accurate. Particularly the black wash on the star and the red and white stripes on his body. My only gripe is that they should’ve given the headsculpt more paint to resemble Chris Evans and also a different color for the straps on the boots as they are just painted overall in brown color.



Overall, I love the articulations on this figure. I could get him in all the cool Captain America poses. As mentioned before, the bottom hair is a separate piece and so it won’t hinder articulations. That being said, you can have him looking all the way down for those brooding poses but because his hair is sculpted longer, you can’t get him to look up much. He comes with a great ab crunch whereby you could have him in great action poses. Legs comes in the drop down method as usual and swivels as well so that you could get him in high flying kicks like Van Damme. They are also double jointed and that goes for the arms as well. My only complaint are the ankle pivots are not as good as the other SHFigurarts figures that I have.



Let’s talk about pricing, I bought this figure for 6,000 Yen ($55 – £40) inclusive of shipping from Mykombini. It was the best price that I could find after comparing it with other websites such as HLJ and Amiami. Is this figure worth picking up? If you really need a SHFigurarts Infinity War Captain America badly, then get this one. My advice is to be patient and wait it out for the price to drop. It’s bound to drop because they dropped the ball by giving Captain America a spear and also not giving him any alternate head at all. My advice is to go for the Marvel Legends version which is still half the price of this figure plus they gave him a shield!



To sum it all up, everyone has high expectations for a SHFiguarts figure. This figure has great articulations, fantastic paint application and overall good sculpting. I marked down the points of this one for just two reasons :- they could have given the headsculpt a better paint job to resemble Chris Evans better. They did a great job with the just released Luke Skywalker figure from The Last Jedi, why can’t they do it with this one? Second reason, the lack of a shield or even shields. Even the King of Wakanda said to give this man a shield in the movie, how can they drop the ball on this figure by not giving him one or even two? Is there an ulterior motive at their end for doing this? Will they be releasing more Black Order characters such as Corvus Glaive and giving him the Wakanda shield instead so as to have collectors buy the figure? For those two reasons itself, I don’t recommend you guys picking this one up or just like I mentioned earlier, wait for the price to drop on him first before getting it. I leave you guys with some comparison of this figure to other figures from SHFiguarts and also the Marvel Legends line.





Last modified: June 10, 2018

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