Hot on the heels of their SOLO- ASWS version of Han Solo, Hot Toys revealed a new version of the titular character, this time dressed in his (not a fan of this name) “Mudtrooper” outfit. SPOILER: We find out in SOLO about Solo’s short-lived military career as a corporal in the Imperial Armored Division.  Mudtroopers are lightly armored soldiers with respiratory gear and sealed bodysuits for deployment into unhealthy environments.


Admittedly, it’s a cool design – even though I think they’re stretching the number of new troopers unseen in the original trilogy to the max. No doubt this will be a popular figure to be displayed as either Solo or an unknown grunt. From the promo shots, it looks like we’ll eventually be getting a regular or Officer Mudtrooper figure as well as the Mimban Trooper.

He comes equipped with the full Mudtrooper outfit; helmet, chest plate, lower leg, and shoulder armor, respiratory mask, a weathered, tarp-like cape and hood, blaster rifle and stand.

No word on price yet, but watch your favorite reseller for details soon!


Last modified: June 1, 2018

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