Coinciding with the worldwide premiere of “SOLO”, Hot Toys is showing off its inevitable 1/6th figures from the Star Wars spinoff. Officially it’s just showing off the Han Solo figure, but by way of a cameo, they’ve also teased his future Wookie companion.

Young Han is available in regular and deluxe versions. The Deluxe version features a second outfit as seen in the promos; the fur coat, climbing belt, goggles and a second hairpiece to accommodate them. Both feature the standard outfit including blaster and holster, droid caller, a watch, Falcon cockpit dice, set of ten hands – gloved and ungloved – and a stand with interchangeable graphics as introduced with the Rogue One figures.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the sculpt/paint shown. The original prototype looked better so it may just be a paint issue and hopefully, some feedback will prompt a fix before release. While Chewbacca is not officially shown here, if the final release looks like this it will be another disappointing version of our favorite fuzzball. The fur color looks good here, but the sculpt – with a protruding upper lip and receded chin looks very odd. How HT can’t nail this after three versions I can’t say. The ANH version still stands as the best despite some issues with the protrusion of the nose/jaw.

Still not up for pre-sale as of this post, but I expect a $225 range for the regular and $250 for the deluxe.



Last modified: May 24, 2018

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