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The Exclu Workshop with guest creative Enis Hazan.


The next project to be showcased in the Exclu Workshop is a custom Mythos Obi-Wan from Exclu regular Enis Hazan as we spotlight his latest creation.

It hasn’t been too long since I started making custom figures. And I must admit this community thought me a lot of things about both toy photography and customizing. I have several projects that I will be sharing here in ExcluCollective Workshop and I hope it will help others to make their own custom works.

The Main Pieces

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mythos Obi-wan concept and I’ve seen lots of cool customs of that character so I decided to go for my own version. I started with a Black Series young Obi-Wan body, a custom old Ben head and a Black Series Obi cloak (removed the arm pieces)

Starting to make the Backpack

The main item of this character is the backpack. I could have gone and done it from scratch but I wanted a solid looking and detailed piece. So among my toy scraps (I call them spare parts for customs), I found an old droid from a 3.75” figure line that suited the project perfectly. The backpack in the original design is actually some sort of a miniaturized vaporator kind of piece. But in my design it looks more like a utility bag / Tatooine survival kit.


After I made a mold of the old droid piece, I casted it with resin and made some fine adjustments to make it look like a backpack. The size and scale was so perfect that it fitted like a glove to the figure’s back. And since the pack is hollow inside, it doesn’t put much weight on the figure which makes it much more easier to pose.


Next thing, I spray painted the backpack black and  afterwards I started to use dry brush technique to give it a weathered look. I used some scrap leather to glue it here and there on the backpack, which gave it a more realistic look. I always use black spray paint for primer coat because whatever you paint on top of it, black makes it pop out with less amount of paint used.

Some metallic enamel paint also gave an accent to the tubes on the piece. I also cast a small pouch and other accessories to add on the backpack. Such as a sleeping bag made of scrap fabric, a climbing rope made of black thread, an old 1/12 cellphone and binoculars.


The original design had 2 type of weapons (except fort he more civilized lightsaber of course). One is a regular stormtrooper rifle and the other is a long Tusken rifle. One of my Tusken raider figures was kind enough to offer me his rifle for the project (thanks sandman.


I attached the stormtrooper blaster with some leather strips and I also made a holster fort he big gun, again from leather scraps. Of course I didn’t forget about the Gaderiffi baton. For the backpack straps I used the good old cable ties and painted them with a little brown.



The shoulder armor is made of a material called art clay. I shaped that from a snowtrooper armor and hand painted the Jedi logo on it (not my best work I might add)

As fort he goggles, I used a 1/12 scale binoculars and added some leather straps to make it look realistic. And finally I removed the arms of the old Obi-Wan’s cape and I was done with the project

The Final Make

Although this was my third or fourth attemp for making a custom figure, I was pretty happy with the final result. I got great feedback from my friends and other people on Instagram. I even got a compliment from the man who created the Mythos Obi-Wan concept. Which was extremely rewarding for me.


The more you make, the more you learn. I feel like I get better with every custom I make and this makes me happy. I am also happy that I got the opportunity to share this journey with you.


And remember, if you want a figure that no company makes , you can always make it yourself!

A huge thank you to Enis for sharing his latest work with us and sharing his process with us too. Its a great example on how you too can set out to add a custom figure into your collection so be sure to keep up-to-date on all of Enis’s work over on Instagram via @hazanenis.

For more custom creations stay tuned to the Exclu Workshop.



Last modified: May 18, 2018

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