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Archival Tutorial.

In this Tutorial we’ll be taking a look at how to maximise the use of Tamashii Nations Effects within your photography through a brand new shoot by Mark.

Items used in this Tutorial : 

  • Tamashii Nations Effect Rock Grey Version
  • Tamashii Nations Effect Impact Grey Version
  • SHFiguarts Stage Act 4.
  • SHFiguarts Doctor Strange


By using the Stage Act 4 stand set as a starter, you are able to plot out the spacing of your effects and where you’d like them to appear in the finished shot. Here, I have used the three hinged stand arms to hold the Impact effect (with the central part removed) in the centre rear and to suspend the two Impact Rocks.


A quick note on the Effect Rocks – one of the great things about these is you are not only able to combine the rocks together using the provided pegs, but included in the set are smaller ‘plug’ rocks to cover the peg holes when they arn’t being used to combine the rocks. Here I’ve used these to plug any would-be visible holes.


The rocks are made of solid rubber and so have quite a bit of weight to them, so some balancing is required, but due to the rigidity of the Stage Act stands this didn’t affect the final set up.

Finally, I used one of the three waist clips to hold Strange in place by lifting up his cape and placing the clip around his waist. Again, this thing is solid as a rock so once in place the figure was going nowhere.

Now happy with the positioning of the rocks and impact in relation to the figure through the view finder of my camera, I was able to set up the TV and scroll through some background options finally settling on a paused shot from the opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy (Starlord’s arrival on Morag)

effects-2 copy

The final finished shot has the stands cloned out using photoshop and a layer of light blue smoke/dust added.

These effects are fantastic and really add an element of realism to your photography. They are perfectly scaled to any 1/12 action figure, but when paired with the amazing articulation in figures by SHFiguarts and Tamashii Nations these things really come to life.

Here in the UK where we don’t always have access to a wide range of figures from international brands (at least at retail) it’s up to platforms such as Comics & Cocktails to light the path by stocking a great selection. In this instance they stock all the effects shown here and also have a great range of Bandai Tamashii Nations figures to boot!

For more from the Toy Industry including the latest news, original photoshoots and expert insights stay tuned to Exclu. 

Last modified: June 9, 2019

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