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Exclu Reviews. By guest reviewer Andrew Mitchell.

Acid Rain World is by far one my favorite toy lines. The beautiful weathering, unique tones and flexible hands make up the best 3.75” figures on the market. That paired with amazing backstories and digital illustrations is what makes Acid Rain World so special. I was causally looking through my Instagram feed when I saw a post from @Warviews showing off his Acid Rain figures in some fake snow. I immediately searched up the figures and settled on the Taste of Coffee Diorama, which was recommend to me by @shakem78. I ordered and waited. Once it showed up in my mailbox I was more than happy with the purchase. I have meant to share my opinions and thoughts on the set since my first photoshoot. I’d like to thank Jack and the ExcluTeam for letting me share them here!

Box Cover One


Well let’s start with the box! The illustration on the box is eye grabbing and intriguing. Kit Lau’s artwork helps sell the product and draw in buyers. The box itself tells you what’s inside.

  • Two Highly Articulate Figures
  • A total of Thirteen accessories
  • One large Set piece and Two smaller pieces

The unboxing experience is awesome. All of the pieces are protected with foam padding that conforms to the figures and set pieces to ensure a safe and secure hold.

Box Cover Two

Let’s start with the Sculpt. I’ll be digesting each portion in three different sections. Figures, Accessories and Diorama.



Figures. The build of the figures is excellent. The gas mask head in combination with the helmet is perfect. A small hood is also included on the figures that cleverly covers up the neck joint. The vest is made up of a number of pouches which wraps around the waist and rests on the shoulders with two straps. My favorite part about the sculpt is the super flexible hands. This design allows for easy posing with the gun just slipping into the hand and letting it conform to the grip. I especially enjoy this feature in the winter month because jamming a gun into plastic hands can crack and break while Acid Rain hands have held up through my winter months with ease.

Accessories. The accessories list is quite long, the diorama includes, a cloth scarf, three additional heads, five bloody body parts, two standard Agurts rifles, Bob’s notebook and of course, the bag of coffee beans. The three heads consist of two faces and one bloody gasmask. The two heads belong to Bob and Damien, who are the protagonists of the series. Bob is referred to as “Old man” frequently which is reflected in his head sculpt with the facial features resembling a battle worn man past his prime.


The bloodied gasmask head has the left eye shot out. The bloody body parts include two legs, two arms and one torso. The legs depict an injury from what seems like an explosion or a heavy machine gun; being only from the knee up. Above the wound are many small cuts, gashes and tares in the leg presumably from shrapnel.

The torso reflects the legs with just more shrapnel. The detail in this sculpt is incredible. The arms are just missing the hands which leaves a bloody stump. The scarf wraps around the heads with faces to eliminate gaps. The notebook does have small pages sculpted into the top and bottom and the coffee bean bag has the top cinched off with a tiny string.  The two rifles are sculpted with grooves and small bits of detail. The scope and end of the barrel are actually hollow at certain places. The attention to detail is incredible.

Diorama. Three bits of diorama are included which are the main piece and two small piles of rubble. The large set piece is part of a destroyed building. The sculpt is beyond impressive with it having three layers of wall texture printed over itself. The inner most layer is brick and the outer layer has a rough texture. The floor is wood planks that have been broken and splintered at the ends. The entire set piece is eye candy. The two pieces of rubble is just as detailed being composed of broken bricks. The rough texture of the pieces is a wonderful touch that just shows how much time and effort was put into this diorama.

Dead Figure



The figures are highly articulate for 3.75.” The legs are ball joints to clamped swivels. The knees are double jointed and the feet are pivot hinges. The arms are swivel hinges with a single jointed arm and both hands are swivel hinges. The torso is a barbell joint. The articulation rivals that of a 6” figure. I wish the arm was double jointed but in 3.75” scale that’s nearly impossible without having the figure too fragile.


There is no articulation in the accessories or set piece. I do however have one complaint. The Gasmask heads can be difficult to keep on. The other Acid Rain gasmask heads from other sets however do not have this problem. It might just be the particular set I own. The amount of articulation that’s packed into these figures allows for unique posing.



The paint application on the figures is topnotch. The figures have no runny or mixed paint anywhere and with such a detailed mold the paint application its astonishing. The white eyes are perfectly printed on gasmask head and the weathering on the helmet and figure is unique and detailed. The white dirty hair of both Bob and Damien compliment the sculpt.

Figures + Dio

The figures in places have this rough 3D texture that I dig! The bodies themselves are compiled of different shades of grey, then weathered over. After owning the Set for about six months I started to notice an issue with the helmets. The weathering has started to rub off. Not the paint of the helmet itself but the rusty weathering. It has only been a small amount and I do put the figures through snow and close to fire so the outside elements may have an impact on them. Just be careful when cleaning and in harsh environments!

Accessories: The legs, arms and torso are all the same. Grey with a red bloody stump at the end. The helmet has a wonderful blood splatter that is printed over the white of the visor. The guns are grey as well and the gas masks are black.

Coffee Bean Bag

Diorama: Four main colors are used. A light tan, a darker tan, brick red and a dirty orange color. The outside of the Diorama is a light tan that’s been weathered. The dark tan is the next layer that finally touches the red brick. The dirty orange is the floor boards inside the Diorama. The dirty and grimy look really sells this piece. Describing weathering is quite difficult and often doesn’t do the product justice. Just take a look at these images. The small bit of weathering rubbing is my only issue with the paint application. Other than that it’s perfect!

Injuried Figure



The price of the Set varies where you purchase it. I got the Diorama for $80 USD off of bigbadtoystore. Since then the set has vanished from the market and can be found on Ebay, Amazon and a few other places if you’re lucky. The prices there range from $100-200 USD. The original selling price was $65 USD which as fantastic price for this diorama! I paid $80 on Bigbadtoystore which in my opinion is still a justified price. I believe that this diorama will have a re-release in the near future, and when it does, I’ll be buying more than one.




The tones and style are carried out consistently through all aspects of the set. It truly feels like it belongs in a world under pollution. The figures sit comfortably in the Diorama and hold all accessories with ease. I have no regrets after buying this set nor do I think anyone else will. Whether you’re an average consumer or a hardcore toy photographer, this set is for you. The figures are durable and versatile. They look absolutely amazing in a snowy/woodland environment. Acid Rain won the most “outstanding original toy series” which is clearly reflected in these figures. I believe that this diorama will have a re-release in the near future, and when it does, I’ll be buying more than one.

Enough said, this Diorama is simply amazing!


By guest reviewer Andrew Mitchell. For all the latest from across the Toy community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 29, 2018

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