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Well, this is a bit of a surprise. It seems everything’s coming up Jedi at Hot Toys and Sideshow these days. Sideshow Collectibles announced the re-issue of the Jabba the Hutt figure and Throne from Return of the Jedi. But this is no straight reissue of the set from many years ago, this is a fairly substantial upgrade (how else would you get the people who bought the original, like yours truly, to buy it again!?)

This version features an all-new paint job for Jabba, and more significantly, multiple facial expression via swappable upper headpieces and eyes. Jabba can now be displayed eyes closed, eyes open, semi-awake (one eye half shut), and eyes wide open. The headpieces allow for a closed mouth, open mouth, and slimy, slave-licking tongue looks. He is equipped with swappable arms as well – four altogether; two resting, one pointing, and one gripping hand arm.

The throne looks largely the same as the original aside from the paint which seems a little more grey than tan and looks to have a more detailed paint job. Also included is an articulated Salacious Crumb figure. This new version comes with alternate swappable crossed legs and an alternate open mouth head.

As with the original, there is Jabba’s hookah pipe and aquarium with Klatooine paddy frog swimming in it. The pillows, nine altogether which were molded previously, are now cloth, as are the two rugs. Three cups and one plate of food round out the set.

The expected ship date is between Oct. and Dec. of 2018 so you won’t have to wait long (nor will you have much time to save!). It is available for pre-order on Sideshow’s site now for the bountiful sum of $795.

I have to say, I like mine, but the multiple looks and the much-improved paint job are making me think! Maybe it’s time to start bounty hunting again for some extra credits…


Last modified: March 7, 2018

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