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Funko have today announced in emails and blog posts that they will be discontinuing their current line up of subscription based boxes. Currently, Funko Pop fans can sign up to receive 4 different boxes bi-monthly : Smugglers Bounty (Star Wars) , Collector Corps (Marvel), Legion Of Collectors (DC) & Disney Treasures. We’ve got a copy of the email sent out below which gives us *some* indication of the direction that Funko are taking :


Full blog post here.

Now this doesn’t make things abundantly clear at this stage and I have to say that Im disappointed that a company who has built themselves on the foundation of encompassing as many licenses, products and collectors as humanly possible have now chosen to restrict content of this size to retailer exclusives. Now those who collect Funko products know that making certain pieces exclusive to retailers such as Target or Walmart is nothing new and is in some ways one of the great things about collecting as it adds the trill of the find but the subscription boxes seemed cut out to be more focused to dedicated collectors so restricting them may prove a hard pill to swallow – especially overseas such as here in the UK where its extortionate to get your hands on the boxes as it is.

The boxes have been hit and miss with some great boxes and some really awful boxes as they became less a space for collectors and more a place to trial new products before bringing them to market under the guise of putting them into the hands of fans first.

Past Funko boxes include :


It will be interesting to see what the large Funko community makes of this decision and we’ll bring you insights as we get them to help form an understanding of why one of the worlds largest collectibles company has taken this path.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out what we made of the Droids Smugglers Bounty Box.

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Last modified: February 16, 2018

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