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New York Toy Fair 2018


It was the announcement that those of us who are longing for a modern range of Watchmen figure have been waiting for as DC collectibles have revealed a new line spinning out of the “Doomsday Clock” run. Watchmen originals Rorschach, Comedian, Ozymandias and Dr Manhattan head up the 1/10 line alongside Mime and Marionette and will be split up into 3 $50 2-packs.

Promoted features:

  • 7 inch (17.78cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Dynamic articulation points
  • Based on the comic that brought the DC Universe and Watchmen together

Ozymandias and Dr Manhattan

Rorschach and Mime


The Comedian and Marionette

These are the only promotional images to be debuted so far so we don’t have the context of them in their display boxes which will be a big make-or-break point for many collectors who keep their hauls MIB. I’d also like to see a bit more detailing on the figures as they are 1/10 scale and the price point should hold more substance then what we are shown so far.

Ultimately I’m a huge Watchmen fan so want to ensure that any figures that come to market are worthy of the license so I’m in anticipation of more promotional images of the display boxes. Hopefully this paves the way for more Watchmen figures I’d love to see them be represented in a similar fashion to Marvel Legends as theres a plethora of characters to make the leap from page to action figures.

All 3 packs are up for pre-order now and looking likely to arrive at the tail end of the year.

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Last modified: February 15, 2018

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