First Wave of Solo: A Star Wars Story Black Series Figures Revealed

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Hasbro has revealed the first four Star Wars Black Series figures that will be based on characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the glamour shots look fantastic. I doubt this will be the full wave for Solo: A Star Wars Story, so this is probably the launch wave, which makes sense considering who is included in it.

From the Rogues gallery that will be featured in the film, Hasbro is creating Black Series figures for Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Qi’ra, who we know to be a very early acquaintance of Han’s. From the bad guy camp Hasbro is offering a Range Trooper, who I might add could be one of the coolest Stormtrooper variants to date. I mean this guy looks like a boss in his winter jacket, and if Hasbro does indeed make parts of the jackets soft goods, he will be one of the gems from the Solo line.

I have to say that the other three figures stand out as well thanks to their detailed face sculpts. Lando is probably the best out of the Rogues bunch, but both Han and Qi’ra look legit as well.

None of these are labeled as exclusives, so they should be available from most retailers this spring.

If you missed the recent reveal trailer then you can also check it out below to help whet your appetite for the above figures.


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Last modified: February 14, 2018

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