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Ninja Joker S.H.Figuarts from Bandai Tamashii Nations

Those of you with eagle eyes may remember seeing two figures on display from Bandai back at New York Comic Con from the upcoming Batman anime. We’ve already previewed the Batman we saw displayed but accompanying him at the booth was a brand new take on The Joker. Now we’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing the character in various guises in recent years as Hollywood tries to figure out how to recapture the heights of Ledgers performance but this new Samurai styling as seen in the trailer offers a really fresh perspective.

If you missed it in the hubbub then you can catch it below!

Recently we’d had the full compliment of product images revealed from Bandai which you can check out below which give us a far better look at the figure. The styling looks great and hopefully the articulation will be consistent with previous entries in the Figuarts line which could see us with a great figure on our hands. The Joker will be available in August this year which come after the release of Batman and though we’d like to see them release together , the run of the anime should over both releases but we’ll have more coverage when we get to reviewing the figures later this year.

The accessories look like the most interesting part of the figure with the combat fans and the katana to-boot too which will make for a great pairing with the Batman figure too so we’re looking forward to what the community can create with the two together. I think the more we see of the anime the more the figure will grow on me and it’ll be interesting to see how the community responds once it hits the market later this year.

Joker will be available this coming August so expect much more coverage and an in-hand review the closer we get to the release date.

Last modified: February 10, 2018

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