I was recently sent a headsculpt of Cad Bane by the Oldboy CTTS team for review. Now this headsculpt is a 1:12 scale based on the 1:6 Cad Bane – Denal Disguise figure made by Sideshow Collectible. This headsculpt was made to fit the Black Series and SH Figurarts Clone Trooper body.

I asked the team on why they chose Cad Bane as their new project?

Just inspired to try an alien character and see how it goes from there because before this we only did human characters. As for other species, yes we’ve repainted Yoda and a few other characters before but never sculpted one.



SCULPT – 10/10

Let’s talk about the sculpt – the team has done a great job on the sculpt. I find myself comparing it to the Sideshow one and the team has nailed it in terms of the likeness to the 1:6 version. Lots of contours on his face which makes it a blast lighting him up for shots.

Being a fan of their work, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing them tackle a non-human subject. The smirk on the face brings more character to the sculpt too.

CAD 02


Picture sourced from Sideshow Collectibles

PAINT – 10/10

The paint application on the headsculpt is impressive. I noticed that there is a bit of a black wash on the face and this can be found on the source material as well – the Sideshow Collectible one. You know, being an alien they could’ve just painted it entirely blue which is what you’ll find on the normal Black Series figure. Looking closer there’s also some yellowish highlights on the cheek zone and this subtly brings out the blue on the face.


Overall, the team has managed to capture the likeness of character. I have gone through some images of Cad Bane in Denal disguise and the headsculpt looks very much like the one in the animated series.




As I’ve mentioned earlier, the headscuplt will fit on a Black Series and also the SH Figurarts Clone Trooper body. You get a good range of movement and for this head, I don’t need any sticky tac or gel to fit it onto the body. It would be great if there was a proper Cad Bane for this headsculpt to be fitted on. I would love to see him in his bounty hunter outfit. Let’s hope that Hasbro Releases one in the future. Meantime, the Clone Trooper body will have to do for now.


CAD 01.jpg


For the review, I used my Green Clone Trooper body as I don’t have a SH Figurarts one. I also did some shots of the figure as you can see below. The headsculpt does photographs well.


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675



Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675

Here’s another set of shots that I did with the Cad Bane headsculpt. This time, I have it paired in a shot with another character from the Clone Wars – Anakin Skywalker. I also included a behind the scenes look at the lightings for these series of shots.


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675


Image courtesy of @yingkeet0675

I would like to thank George Wong the spokesperson for Oldboy CTTS for sending out this beautiful headsculpt to me for review.

Pictures are sourced from Oldboy CTTS Facebook page & Sideshow Collectibles.

Last modified: February 8, 2018

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