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Exclu Review. By Patrick Pchalek.


Oh Mega Man, how you remind me of endless hours with my Gameboy and Super Nintendo. Jump, shoot and repeat! Just to beat a boss so we get his unique weapon to beat another boss who is weak against the newly achieved gadget. I loved it and sometimes hated it but you’re always a fascinating character.

As part of TamashiiNations NX Edge lineup which already consists of several Gundam figures we now get Mega Man (or Rockman in other countries) in his classic blue appearance and his buddy Zero (separate review soon).


What’s in the box? 

  • Mega Man figure
  • Rapid fire effect
  • Charged fire effect
  • Dust effect
  • One open left hand and one left fist
  • Figure stand
  • Support rod for the charged effect
  • Several rods to add different stages (with bases from other figures)


Sculpt 9/10

Small in size (around 4 inch) but great in person Bandai did a fantastic job in this scale.

The video game character is instantly recognizable and it’s easy to fade away into nostalgic memories. Normally I always take a closer look at the face sculpt but in this special case I started with his right arm which consists of his iconic arm cannon.

The sculpt here is really nice with grooves of different sizes and the cannon arm is in perfect scale with the rest of the body. As I had the figure in my hands for the first time I had the feeling of holding a “Mini-Gundam”. The first impression didn’t deceive.

Most parts are molded separately and then put together on some kind of exo skeleton. This makes the overall appearance of the armor very close to the original template from the video game.


The head sculpt is of an expected high level and Bandai didn’t disappoint here again. Mega Man has a tiny nose and determined facial expression in his eyes and mouth. While the nose adds a sweet human touch Iwish  on the other hand that they would have made the mouth slightly more clear.

The helmet is well-made and also features a transparent red “plastic crystal”. Nice work!

Not as nice as the main figure are the included hands. They’re still good but in comparison to the rest of the figure I think they could be more detailed or clear.

The effects are also in expected quality and especially the charged beam is fantastic. Both can be attached to X’s on his weapon arm but the weight of the charged beam makes it necessary to use the included support rod.

Paint application 8/10

The seperate armor parts are colored plastic and the different shades of blue are well-saturated. An easy full score here and no need for further explanations.

Head and hands are the only real painted parts and that’s the section where I have to reduce the final score.

From a distance everything looks fine but a closer look at the head reveals some slightly inaccurately   applied paint on the helmet.

The face itself, especially the eyes, are sharp, detailed and exactly painted. The skin tone is well-chosen and fits very well to the rest of the figure. When you’re using a macro lens for portraits the face paint appears slightly grainy which is absolutely no problem for normal shots.

Articulation 9/10

That little blue guy is agile! It’s real fun to put him in different poses and copy some of his iconic moves from the game series. The exo skeleton offers versatile options for a lot of different scenes and the amount of joints makes him very flexible. Fantastic!



One point deducted because for some poses the arms are slightly too short and sometimes the armor parts give limit movement.

A nice feature is the movable shoulder pads which can be moved to different positions to cover the shoulder joints.

In general it’s very easy to put Mega Man in dynamic poses and the use of the dust effect gives a nice touch.

Some movements require the use of the figure stand or supporting rod which can be attached into a hole in his crotch (seriously). This allows a much wider variety of poses.


Price point 10/10

With a good conscience I can give the full score here. You can find him in stores for round about 30€ which is a very good price. The amount of effects and posing support is excellent and you can’t go wrong with the blue guy.

If you’re a fan of the Mega Man franchise you’ll be very happy with this release!


Overall design 10/10

The overall combination of the figure and the tidy Tamashii packaging makes for a great addition to any gaming collection. Full of nostalgia, this MegaMan figure is the ultimate fantasy fulfilment and how far he has come from his down on the small screen. Rarely do all the design elements of a figure from the general aesthetic, packing and accessories come together so well and so satisfactorily and it definitely makes this one of those most have figures for any old school gamer.


Last modified: March 8, 2018

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