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Exclusive shoot by Ludo Opsomer.

First, let me introduce myself for this first themed shoot. I am Ludo, 31, french graphic designer based in Paris. I mostly make webdesign at day and toy photograhy at night. I have been collecting toys since my childhood but 4 years ago, it became a passion that grew inside me… I started toy photography, at first just for fun with my phone. Over the last two years I spent more and more time on this and now I guessed it a serious thing Ha Ha!

When I am taking a picture, I want to tell a story that could work without any caption. I always try to find 5 or 6 ideas before starting to shoot anything, I am also expermenting different approaches to shape thoses pictures and not just doing the shot of different figures over and over.

When I received the theme “the exiled”, I first pictured in my head: a guy walking alone in the desert. But the real meaning of this thought was ” it “okay he is alone, exiled but why is he exiled and how is he arrived here ?” My challenge with this shoot was to convey 5 different stories with simple pictures.



This was the easiest to shoot, there is not much to tell about the technique, I had the Revoltech Jessie figure on my bedside table, display some Toy Story toys on the ground, plus a big white spotlight. I just needed to get the right angle and  then *click*. This headsculpt was obvious to portray the loneliness of this character, who was set aside – probably not by choice but because she might be the owner’s favorite toy.

The Mechanic


I have dozen and dozen Marvel figures in my collection, so I really wanted to shoot one of them. It took me a while to find a moment on the Marvel cinematic universe that could fit with the theme.  At first, it was Thor exiled on Earth by his father but I had no easy solutions to put my idea in picture. I also wanted several character in the shoot so having Thor alone could not do and to be honest, my Thor figure is not my best one.
Then,I remebered Iron Man 3, when Tony is exiled by accident 5.000 kilometers away from a crisis situation, alone with his broken armour.

I used a large sheet of paper and put some flour on it. I added some spices to create twigs and pebbles. I threw flour on Tony and Mark42, both from SHFiguarts, and fixed a rope between them. I used a blue light from my iPad and white light on the background to recreate a moonlight. After that come the magic… with some adjustment in photoshop, the light on the chest and the snow effect were added digitally.

The Sleeping Guardian


Recently I received this robot solider figure from Laputa (Bandai) and I thought it was a good character for this themed shoot. The story is as simple as seen in the picture. It takes place in an empty flying castle, the robot is here, waiting the good time to get out of his sleep until a little girl finally came to wake him up. I turned all the lights off and just kept a white light in the background and a blue light from my iPad. I used a long exposure and the smoke of a candle to make this foggy ambience. The rocks are from a Tamashii Effect set. Then, the ray light with particules were added in Photoshop.

The Thief


This is the funny shot. I told myself “exiled” doesn’t have to be a sad thing this is the reason why I imagined this picture of Rocket punished because he had still stolen some Anulax batteries as seen in GOTG vol2. Our little raccoon will have to spend some time in this disgusting place to think about what he did. Those three figures are SH Figuarts and I added some props I found in Japan : a barrel, cones and cans. I also used a part of a diorama from ExtremeSet for the background. Again, the fog was added in photoshop and I adjusted the colors to make this creepy alley atmosphere.

Exiled on Tatooine


Not much to say here, I can easily imagine you know what we are talking about. The Jedi order has been defeated and Obiwan Kenobi chose to exile on Tatooine to watch over baby Luke. It’s not an outdoor shoot, I used a blue background and a big white light to simulate the sun (or two Tatooine suns…). I put the SH Figuarts Obi Wan on the rock (same Tamashii Effects set used in “The Sleeping Guardian”) and then I completely removed the background in Photoshop. I found a large picture on Google to use instead, I blurried it, added suns, smoke, wind and dust to recreate the sand of Tatooine. On a side note the cape is from a Black Series Obiwan Kenobi figure and it’s just here to add a more dramatic tone. I finished by adjusting colors with Snapseed.

I hope this was as instructive and entertaining that it was for me. All the shots were taken with a Nikon D5300 and a 40mm f2.8G lens, edited with Photoshop or Snapseed.

Be sure to head over to Ludo’s Instagram portfolio page for more incredible Toy Photography and stay tuned to Exclu for more shoots from the community.

Last modified: November 28, 2017

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