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Exclusive shoot by Bianca Gluckselig

I have always had a pretty big imagination. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the possibility of monsters and mystical creatures existing and living somewhere in our world. That being said, it was easy to decide what figures to use for my shoot. I decided to use the Thimblestump Hollow creatures, created by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd and produced by Cardboard Spaceship. In my opinion, they are absolutely beautiful and the expressions on their faces are amazing. I also used the little green Hedgehog and Fizzgig made by Funko.

When I am outside in the woods or in a park I always tend to find certain “spots” or areas that allow my imagination to run wild. For example, if I come across a small hole in a tree, I think about who or what might live in there. I was so excited to find out that the weekly theme would be “somewhere out there.” I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do.   A journey deep into the forest to see what’s hiding out there.

For this shoot, I spent several hours in a forest near Vienna. I went off path to see what would be the “natural habitat” of these creatures. Places with a magical or mystical touch. Natural light is essential for my pictures because it can create phantasmagorical moments. I didn’t want the pictures to look realistic. I wanted them to look like something you might dream about or find in a book or fairy tale. The narrative of my pictures develops when I start to integrate my figures into their habitat.

That’s why I didn’t edit these photographs very much. I wanted to keep the natural look of them. The only thing I did to these pictures was brighten up the colors a bit. I used my Canon EOS 1300D with an EF Lens 50mm f/1.8 STM for these photos, as I do for most of my Toy Pictures.

The first shot is Burblebum sitting on a tree branch. To me, he looks like he’s a daydreamer, with his head constantly in the clouds. He’s looking at the clouds up there, dreaming about how wonderful it would be to fly in them. I think the little branches with the beautiful red colored leafs are framing him so well.


The idea for the next two pictures came to me as soon as I found the nutshell. The tiny green Hedgehog fitted perfectly in it. The depth in the first picture helped a lot in creating the scene that I wanted to capture. In the scene, Pippet sees something peculiar in the distance, but what could it be? His curiosity grows as he moves closer to the nutshell and is surprised to finally see what’s inside.

In the second picture I wanted to show you a very peaceful scene. Pippet has brought the baby to the Burblebums. They are taking care of it in a hidden and cozy place where no one can find or harm them.


The following picture is a funny one. It’s lunch time for Grumblethorn and his little friend Fizzgig. I love to take pictures that make people smile. The idea for this photo came to me when I found a sticker of a candy in my pocket. I thought Fizzgig looked hungry, but how do you feed a creature with that many teeth? So I built a little fishing rod for Grumblethorn.


The last photo is Grumblethorn sitting on a tree and watching the sun go down. It looks like he is praying. Maybe he’s praying for more candy for Fizzgig and him? I took this picture a few minutes before sunset. The fading daylight and the colorful leafs makes it look like a scene out of a fairy tale or a dream.


It is such an honor for me to do the weekly theme for Exclu Collective. The first time I heard about toy photography was on Instagram. There are so many talented and creative photographers out there and their work truly inspires me. I am still learning and constantly trying to improve on my photography skills. Being a part of this supportive community is absolutely fantastic; I could never have made it without the help of my friends. Special thanks to James @funko.fanatic, Jesse @everthingkylo and Dave @_geekd_ for your great support and your help. I learned a lot from you guys!

A massive thank you to Bianca for her effort and creativity in this exclusive shoot for the Exclu Platform. Be sure to check out her larger portfolio via her handle @missbincaboo and for all the latest from the Toy Community, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: November 27, 2017

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