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Exclusive shoot by Luke Random.

Hello there! My name is Luke Random and the theme word the Exclu Teamgave me is “Needs

When I received the theme “Needs” I knew from the early beginning how to develop it within the Star Wars environment. The central point of the work had to revolve around the elements that constitute the most important challenges faced by the Imperial soldiers. These are elements that are both Needs and enemies, I mean, the four elements: water, fire, earth and air.

Photo 1


photo 2

When working on this photo I tried to project the need of the Scout Trooper in relation to water. As an imperial soldier he is permanently exposed to the aridity of the environment. Although at some point the element threatens his life, the soldier knows that water is a vital element and in some cases not having it in time leads to the worst result, death. In the photo I try to convey the despair and loneliness of the last moments of the soldier who, with his last breath, tries to reach the vital element.


photo 3

At the time of developing this photo I tried to connect the need of the Snow Trooper in relation to fire. Even being troops specially trained and equipped to operate in hostile environments of low temperatures, with snow and ice, although on some occasion the fire is his enemy, the soldier knows that this element will be a vital necessity and perhaps, the only way to keep operating. In the photo I try to transmit the necessity of the link with the fire, which in some cases can be his biggest enemy, but at the same time, it becomes the essential element to survive.


photo 4

This photo represents the need of the Scout Trooper in relation to the earth. Their work as exploration and reconnaissance troops keeps them mostly exposed in flight and falling on the ground can be lethal. Despite this, in some cases, the only option for survival is a shelter on land. In the photo I try to exhibit the need of the Scout Trooper to have the protection of the earth. It is a moment of loneliness and danger. The soldier knows that he needs the earth to get the necessary protection to continue his mission


photo 5

This photo represents the need for the Storm Trooper in relation to the air. As an Empire Storm Trooper, he never knows what will happen. He will be exposed to fire, explosions, smoke and constant hostility. His job is to advance and defeat the enemy. Although in some opportunities the air carries chemicals and poison that threaten his survival, air is a constant necessity and will be his best ally to achieve his goal. In the photo I try to project the need of the Storm Trooper to have the air element. Surrounded by aggressions that attempt against his mission, the soldier is active. His only need will be the air, his ally. The knowledge that, despite the need, he will have the vital element permanently it will give him everything he needs to move forward.


It was very challenging to convey “Needs” through these photos. It really allowed me to describe things that I had not projected in previous photos. I hope you enjoy the work. I would like to thank the opportunity The Exclu Team gave me to share this passion with you and I hope to have transmitted everything I felt when working on each photo.


For this themed shoot the figures I used were:

  • Star Wars The black series six inchScout Trooper with speeder bike
  • Star Wars The black series six inch Snow Trooper
  • Star Wars The black series six inch Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper disguise)

I took all 5 photos with my Nikon D3200 and a 15-45mm lens kit.

To catch more of luke’s portfolio be sure to head over to his IG page @a_random_scout_trooper and for more of the latest shoots, stay tuned to Exclu.


Last modified: November 25, 2017

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