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It’s quite amazing that I really look forward to these boxes every other month, and this one was no exception. I tried to not look at the emails, or teasers so I would be truly surprised this month with the contents, and I’m glad I did, as I was quite surprised (in a good way) at this months content. Let’s take a look at what’s inside!

Price Point – 8/10

If you read my review on the droid package two months ago, you know how I feel about the price of box. Overall, I am really happy with it, and it usually goes above the retail value with what is inside, and this month I feel exactly the same. The items inside definitely go above the value of the box, and I can truly say that I have more than enough bang for the buck!

Content 10/10

Lets get started with the two items that are included in every box, and that would be the pin and the patch. This months theme is Jedi Knights, so I was excited to see what these would involve.


The patch this time around is that of one Obi-was Kenobi in his elder years. This is an image that you see him in A New Hope. A little older, and definitely a little wiser, but still a kick ass Jedi that fears nothing. It can be said that Obi-wan, not Luke is the most powerful Jedi to ever live, and it would be hard to argue that, so I was happy to get him in a patch.

The pin is of Plo-Koon from the animated series. I have to say that I am not too familiar with his story, or what he was truly about, but the pin looks awesome, and fits in perfectly with the rest of my collection. I don’t do much with these two items, as I give my daughter the pins to put on her lanyard, and the patches are still sitting in a stack on my desk, but they are cool none the less.

Price – About $10 for both




Jackpot again this month with the T-shirt! This is probably the main reason I keep subscribing to this box as I love the exclusive shirts that you get in them, and I absolutely love this months shirt. On this one, we have a complete bad-ass looking Yoda getting ready to serve up some Jedi justice to some poor soul. This shirt is so cool, I almost don’t want to wear it, but rather hang it up in a shadow box, but I will proudly wear this every day my wife will let me!

The artwork is amazing, and Yoda has that pose that only he can pull off. Nobody makes you afraid of an old, frail, and wrinkled 3 foot tall being quite like Yoda, and if you said you didn’t jump up and yell “HELL YEA!” when he started kicking ass in the prequels, you are not a true Star Wars fan.

Price – $20



So we now have the patch, the pin, and this totally awesome T-shirt, and you would probably be thinking we are going to talk about the POPS next, but you would be wrong! Included in this box is also this really cool plush doll of Master Yoda that will make you want to take him to bed immediately. To cuddle with of course, and nothing more you sick bastards!

This little guy is so adorable, I promise you that if you carry him around, all the women will be flocking to you like flies to a huge pile of crap. He has those big ears that make you wonder if the rest of his appendages are that large as well, and these big sad eyes that will melt your heart. I like seeing my Jedi Masters mean and grisly looking, but I have to say that I’m a pretty big fan of this plush doll.

Price – $15


Now we can talk about the POPS that are in the box, and once again, they have outdone themselves. We get two, yes two, awesome POPS in this months box, and they both look fantastic.


Remember that discussion we had earlier about who was the most powerful Jedi that ever lived? Well, I think the selection of this Obi-Wan POP settles the argument once and for all! When I think of POPS, I think of non-poseable figures with really big heads that like to bobble around, but it still amazes me the incredible level of detail they can put into figures like these. The sculpting and paint are almost always perfect, and this particular one is no exception. From the sculpted lines in his hair, to the details on his belt, Obi-Wan has never looked better, and he will look great on the shelf with his fellow Star Wars brethren.


The second POP this month is none other than the amazing, incredible, super-powerful Aayla Secura! Ok, again I have to admit I do not know much of her story, but I have to say the actual figure looks awesome.

The blue color of her skin is striking, and once again the level of detail is superb. There is incredible sculpting detail throughout the figure, and you can clearly see the hard work that was put in when looking at the head piece. There are fine lines sculpted throughout, and looks fantastic.

Price – $10-$12 each


Theme – 9/10

This month’s theme was Jedi Knights, and I think they nailed it! They gave us some cool Yoda and Obi-Wan stuff, and one POP of a relatively un-known (to me at least) Jedi. The figure of Aayla looks great, and I actually went to read up on her story, and any toy that can make me read and educate myself must be a good thing.

My only gripe with the theme this month is that with such a large pool of characters to choose from in Jedi Knights, why did they give us two Yoda items, and two Obi-Wan items? It would of been nice to see another character either in the POP or the plush, but alas I am very happy with what we did get this month.

Overall – 10/10

If you were to ask me what would be a perfect Smugglers Bounty Box, I would have to say this one fits it perfectly. Give me the pin and the patch, an awesome T-shirt, a plush doll and two great POP figures, and you will make me incredibly happy. I don’t see what else they could have included that would have made it better, and I have to say that I think this is one of the best boxes that I have received so far.

If we add up the value of the box this month, it come to about $65, which is way over the $25 I actually paid for it, and you can never go wrong feeling like you definitely got your money’s worth.





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