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Pacific Rim Rising (2017) (L to R, foreground) Jaeger mechs Saber Athena, Bracer Phoenix, Gipsy Avenger and Guardian Bravo i Photo Credit: Legendary Pictures/Universal Pictures

Pacific Rim fans rejoice! We have the official glamour shots from Bandai of the newest figures that were just debuted at NYCC including 3 Jaegers and a new Kaiju! These are in addition to the 4 previously shown figures from earlier in the year.


Theres not much in the way of official details but its likely that Saber Athena will stand around the same height as the previous characters in the Robot Spirits line of 15.5cm and a rough RRP of £24.99-£35.99 with pre orders opening soon here in the UK.

Saber Athena is most definitely the “agile” member of the team with a lightweight build allowing for faster movements when compared to the stockier Jaegers and its going to be really interesting to see how they all come together as a unit.

Check out what star of the film John Boyega has to say on the new Jaeger courtesy of the exclusive first look over on Entertainment Weekly :

“She’s the fastest Jaeger, and she is agile and assigned two skillful pilots who know how to do martial arts,” Boyega says. “She has two swords she can join together to slice stuff down. She’s flexible and very fast.”

Product images courtesy of Bandai Tamashii Nations and film screenshot courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Last modified: October 8, 2017

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