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Are you guys ready for an exhilarating, nail-biter, toe-to-toe close battle between figures? To see which is the best, and watch them duke it out category for category to see who prevails as simply the ultimate figure? Well, you have come to the right place! We are going to take a look at the Bandai S.H. Figuarts and the Hasbro Black Series Captain Phasma figures, and see which figure comes out as the best all around. I would like to say that this is going to be a close battle, and the two are evenly matched, but alas, I would be lying right to your face if I said that, and my mother would slap the piss out of me if I did. Either way, let’s get to it and see who comes out on top.



S.H. Figuarts: 1, Black Series: 0

I would like to say that this was close, but it is so far in the opposite direction it is not even funny. We all know that S.H. Figuarts likes to pack a lot of accessories into the boxes, and I swear, they throw stuff in there just because they can. The Bandai version comes with multiple hands, her blaster, and a shoulder piece for when you want to pose her without her cape. To keep up, the Hasbro version comes with her blaster, and a whole lot of nothing else. We are not even going to talk about the quality of those accessories here because Figuarts would destroy in that category as well.


S.H. Figuarts: 2, Black Series: 0

This category is probably going to be a lot closer than you would think, and I actually have to hand it to Hasbro on this one, but unfortunately it is not enough to pull ahead of the Bandai version. While both versions did a pretty good job at replicating what little bit we saw of Captain Phasma in the movie, I think Bandai’s version hits the mark exactly, and the Hasbro version is really damn close.

What really drives me nuts about the Black Series version is the size. Holy crap, she is a monster! Now I know that Gwendoline Christie is quite a woman in stature, and is a marvel to look at, but I feel Hasbro took her size, and added in a few extra inches. She is bulky, and looks like there are actually two Gwendoline’s in there fighting for space. While that would be something I would pay to see, and I bet a lot of you would as well, it just looks completely out of place on this figure. When you stand her next to any other figures in the Black Series line, she towers over them, and just throws the entire scale out of whack.


S.H. Figuarts: 3, Black Series: 0

This was actually another very close category, as I think both have done an outstanding job on the paint applications. While there is not a lot of actual paint on this character, both figures are done very well, and there are not a lot of blemished on either one of them. The biggest difference between them would be the shine on her armor. Bandai’s version just has that extra gleen and shine that really makes her stand out, while the Black Series version is very flat.

What I really would have liked to see on both versions is a little more weathering affect. Both are very clean, and look like she just came out of a car wash. She is a big, bad, terrifying mofo who has seen some series stuff go down, and her appearance should show that.


S.H. Figuarts: 4, Black Series: 0

This one, unfortunately, is not even close. While I’m giving one point for each category, I feel S.H. Figuarts should get +20 in this one. I mean, the Black Series figure looks like a log when compared to Bandai, and if anybody were to say other-wise in this category, I would have to question their sanity. The S.H. Figuarts version has about 120 points of articulation (ok, not that much, but pretty damn high), and the Black Series has about 2 (again, not that low, but feels like it).


When I was taking these shots, I felt like I was being handcuffed due to the limitations on the Black Series version. I was trying to get both of them into the same poses to show off a good side-by-side comparison, but the articulation is so limited on the BS version, that really, the only thing it can do next to the SHF version is stand there. No where close in this category, Bandai wins hands down!


S.H. Figuarts: 5, Black Series: 0

Yes, if you were to just look at price, the BS would win, as their average cost is $20, and the average cost of a SHF is $50. But, if you look at actual value, SHF wins again. You are paying a little more, but with the insane amount of quality and accessories you get, the extra money is well worth it. The old say of “You get what you pay for” really comes into play here, and makes spending the extra $30 or so per figure bearable.


S.H. Figuarts: 6, Black Series: 0

While both figures give a great representation of Captain Phasma, I just feel that the SHF versions goes the extra mile, and out-shines the BS version in every way. I’m not saying the Hasbro offering is bad by any means, but when you compare these two, there is literally no way it can stand in the same arena. If the size was brought down a bit, and there was more articulation, this would be a lot closer in my eyes, but those two things really stand out as deal breakers. The BS version put up a good fight, but ultimately fell to the superior quality and articulation of the SHF version.



Phasma VS LongVerdict




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