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Issue 1 photographer Will Barker is back to debut a brand new mini-series titled “Into The Depths”. Will focuses his shoot on the Guardians Of The Galaxy to show his interpretation of the challenge theme he was set.


StarLord 1

Being a photographer means you’ve failed more times than you can count. The never-ending process of learning and progressing further in the craft is why I love photography so much. With this series themed Into The Depths, I had to dig deep in order to recognize what this meant to me. I also had to become very patient in order to come up with these shots, because with patience comes the greatest reward. The final result was a combination of recent events, my imagination, and my new found love of indoor photography.

When I was first introduced to my theme, I decided to head straight for a cave/ cavern type of setting. I gathered some rocks from outside and began shooting. What turned out was less than entertaining and I scrapped all of my hours of hard work! That’s what can happen sometimes as a photographer. Then a few days later I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in which I was inspired to finally shoot my new StarLord action figure. I then switched from caves to the unknown galaxy, which is definitely the depths of space.What transpired next was very exciting for me. When I’m on a roll with my camera, I experience an extraordinary high of creativity and energy that is absolutely captivating.

StarLord 4

Once back to Photoshop for editing, I was very pleased, unlike last time, by the results of my tedious work. I had been trying for a few months to really dial in my skills indoors, it’s a lot different than having outside natural light. Bending light indoors can be tricky to perfectly recreate an authentic outdoor look, especially in regards to replicating the depths of space!

StarLord 5

A huge thank you to Will for sharing this new series with us in response to his themed challenge. Be sure to follow his portfolio over on Instagram via @division_skywalker and for the latest be sure to stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: September 14, 2017

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