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Tham shares his thoughts on his Bandai SHFiguarts collection.


My first ever Bandai figure was the Episode One Obi-Wan. This was a figure from their SH Figurarts line. It was an impressive figure that came with an alternate head & also a variety of hands. Articulations were top notch as compared to a $20 Black Series figure. This is to be expected as we’re paying more for a SH Figurarts action figure but we shouldn’t be comparing oranges to apples right?


Needless to say, I fell into that slippery slope and began collecting more figures from the SH Figurarts line. Which brings me to one of my favorite figures from that line – the Suicide Squad movie version of Harley Quin.


Bandai has done such an excellent work on the headsculpt for this figure. I can say that all 3 heads that came with the figure has a 90% resemblance to Margot Robbie. In my opinion this is by far the best 6″ version of Harley Quin from the Suicide Squad movie.

I went for the digirama approach to these 2 shots of Harley. It’s basically Harley standing near a billboard in a lethal look. I had a colored light & also a led desk lamp with warm light pointing near her face so as to mimic the lights coming from the billboard. With a video light shining strategically at her bum, which I think is one of the selling point for this figure!


Next up is a shot of 2 characters from the Star Wars prequels – Episode 2 Obi-Wan and Mace Windu. Based on my observation, Obi-Wan seems to be a favorite character for Bandai as there is already 2 versions of him released and a third one based on the A New Hope is in the works. I played with 2 colored lights for this shot so as to emulate the lights from their lightsabers. One more led desk lamp shining from above. The lightsaber effects were then added in with an iOS App called LensFX. This is my ‘go to app’ for lightsaber and blaster effects.


As for my final two shots, I used the Tony Stark and Black Widow. These great figures based on the Avengers and Iron Man movies from Marvel Studios. Both headsculpts are fantastic and comes with the usual alternate hands and weapons. I only have a slight complain about Black Widow, at certain angles she does look like Scarlet Johansson but there are certain times when she doesn’t! I would’ve preferred a long hair version instead of the one based on the Age Of Ultron as her hair on the right covers her face which makes taking shots rather difficult.

I went the digirama approach again for these two shots. The first one has Tony Stark reading a classified file. This prop was made by the talented @zimanzafrin. The file has a “Stark Industry” printed on it which I think is very cool. I have two lights coming from the left side and also a video light coming from the back. The tricky part of doing digirama shots are to avoid our lightings from the hitting the computer or TV screen.


The final shot has Tony and Black Widow in a heated argument or a discussion, depending on how you look at it! They never see eye to eye in the movies, so that’s what I wanted to convey in the shot.


I had a lot of fun shooting these figures for Bandai week. I’m a fan of the figures from the SH Figurarts line and I do recommend them to collectors of action figures.

Equipments used :

  • Canon Eos 1300D camera with a standard 18-55mm Kit Lense
  • 2 LED desk lamps
  • 2 RGB colored lights
  • 1 video light

I only use Lightroom to edit my pictures and also the LensFX for effects.

I wish to thank Jack Sturman from Exclucollective for allowing me to share shots of my favorite figures from the SH Figurarts line.


Last modified: September 12, 2017

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