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Patrick shares his thoughts on the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 releases as he delves into the ever-expanding line of 1:6 scale figures.

Whenever Hot Toys announces a new Iron Man collectible one thing is for sure, the collecting community separates into two camps.

One part of  fan’s world-wide are happy that they can add another Iron-suit to their collection while the other half  is off complaining about next version of the iconic Marvel hero.

With that said let’s take a deeper look into the never-ending discussion about the releases and why Hot Toys still offers new versions.

Since the first Iron Man movie, Hot Toys released over 50 different versions of the Iron-suit. While the first movies didn’t introduce a lot of  suits, the whole scene changed with Iron Man 3 and the House Party Protocol in the year 2013. The amount of potential suits shot up to  unbelievable heights and beside fan-favorite marks like Mk 1, Mk 3 or Mk 43 we got a lot of specialized suits like Gamma, Bones or Shades.

That marked the point where the lines success also went through the roof. Most collectors were happy to get the chance to add movie-accurate figures with high quality to their collections.

The collaboration between Marvel and Hot Toys brought us full shelves, empty bank accounts and angry partners! And that’s the point where we should be glad that this line is so successful. Good selling products are important for a company and I guess everyone can agree with that which in turns means the company generally has more on offer in times of success from various other licenses and lines.

Of course it’s sometimes annoying when a new exclusive figure is an Iron Man suit again instead of something new but it’s obvious why they do it. The cow needs to be milked as long as she gives milk, so the saying goes.

Due to the success it’s possible for Hot Toys to bring us more licenses and characters which we otherwise wouldn’t get. They can try new things and increase their engineering skills and techniques. If one license is selling well then all other licenses also benefit from that success.

So if Hot Toys announces a new Iron-suit in the future, don’t be annoyed. Be happy that they do it. Maybe they’ll announce that figure you’ve been waiting for because they’re able to invest in more risky licenses or characters, and all off the back of these suits.

Hot Toys wouldn’t release new Iron Man figures every year if nobody would buy them.

So, the point of it all all?

We can slightly influence the production of several releases but in the end we should be thankful to get the possibility of adding high end and movie accurate figures in a very cool scale.

Don’t hate them. They’re worth it. Every time!

We invite you to discuss this topic so let us hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you agree?

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Last modified: September 12, 2017

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