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If you smell what The Rock is cooking!


• 6″ The Rock figure

• 5 x Total sets of hands

• 4 x Total head sculpts

• 1 x Microphone accessory


SCULPT – 8/10

Bandai is right back at it again with another impressive sculpt and, whilst not strictly its best, its still an incredible likeness to be able to achieve at the scale we are dealing with. The Brahma Bull’s strong facial features are hugely resonant here across the 4 head sculpts each depicting a different iconic expression which lends itself so well to scene recreation from your favourite Attitude Era matches.


The body sculpt has a fairly easy ride here as with the majority of wrestling figures, the core body sculpt is a simple one just depicting a toned physique and its usually in any costume or accessories where it comes into play. Well, unlike some performers, The Rock let his actions and his straight cut promo’s do all the talking for him as opposed to flashy ring side style so theres nothing really out of the ordinary for the sculptors to sink their teeth into.


Across the board its another prime example of a solid paint job purely down to the fact that theres very little to get wrong here. The simple tonal body and the black pants and boots are really just about it with extra care and attention being afforded to the famous Bull tattoo. There really isn’t all that much more to say about this area on The Rock as , like mentioned before, the more flashy elements of wrestling like costumes and exagerrated  props just don’t come into play here – instead we have a straight forward example of a simple sculpt painted well.



Its a Tamashii Nations figure – need I explain that further? The trademark feature of this line from Bandai is the incredible dexterity across the board from their figures whether that be the larger Star Wars Movie Realisation right down to these 6″ figures. Its easy to forget sometimes that we are talking about a 6″ figure and when you really take in what that means, everything just comes off even more impressive. The fact that this figure can be made to re-enact any scene and pose from his wrestling career and your own imagination is a massive win for any out-of-box collector and photographer.

The joints, although more visible here then on some other 6″ lines serve a whole variety of functions and this visibility is the price to pay for all that added movement and rotation. The figure we have here has no issue’s with wobbly joints or balance issue’s so theres very little, if anything to stop this from getting top marks.



As with our review of Stone Cold Steve Austin we remarked on the availability of the SHFiguarts line here in the UK which often comes at the hands of independent retailers or online sites such as Amazon which can cause a huge variety in the pricing structure making it hard to know if you’re getting a good deal or not. The standard retail for The Rock , as with Stone Cold, is between £50-£70 depending on where you look but we’ve found a few online retailers who have it for a really competitive price.

365Games have an amazing deal running at the time of writing with the figure on discount at only £35.74 which is a fantastic deal when you consider everything that you’re getting for that price. For £10 more than a standard retail Black Series figure you are getting a whole heap or articulation and sculpting for your money. Even the standard price on this site of £54.99 is still a decent price all things considered.


The Rock is also available for a nice round £55 over at the Wrestling Shop too which again is a fine price for everything you’re getting in the package.




Overall you’re getting one of the best looking figures of The Rock thats ever been created and that added articulation that the SHFiguarts line provides really elevates the whole package. The only drawbacks really to this figure is the pricing structure but thats little to do with the figure and a lot more to do with international scale markets which is a whole different topic. The figure has the likeness of the character its pertaining to be and all the identifying accessories including, perhaps my favourite accessory Ive seen in a while for its sheers added value, the microphone which was The Rocks secret weapon back in the Attitude Era heyday.

To see this figure for a decent price and to not pick it up is going to go down as one of your big life regrets as its such a well rounded product all wrapped up in a stylish collectors box.



Last modified: September 9, 2017

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