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Last week was a hectic affair with Force Friday dominating proceedings but there were few releases that may have slipped your announcement net so we’ve done the courteous thing and rounded them all up in one neat package.


Anakin Hot Toys


I have to admit that with each new Star Wars Hot Toys reveal I begin to regret all of the cash I’ve dropped on Funko Pops for the past seven plus years, because my goodness does Hot Toys do a bang up job on bringing these characters to life. This new Anakin from ROTS is no different, and it actually makes me hate the character less than what the prequels made me initially feel for him. If we didn’t know we were looking at a toy, you could be confused to think that you were actually looking at Hayden in his costume from over 10 years ago on the ROTS set.

While the pants look a bit too light brown, everything else is spot on. I also love the inclusion of Dooku’s blade, which is a nice touch and rounds out a solid list of accessories for this figure.

Now I just need to get my Pop habit under control so I can start to collect these works of art from Hot Toys.

– Matt

Night King Ride

One of the most iconic reveals on this season of Game of Thrones was when the Night King turned Viserion the dragon into a wight for him to use as a WMD against the land of the living, and now we have him and his ice dragon in Pop form. Even though I just said that I need to cut down on collecting Pops, I do believe this Pop Ride is a must own for fans of the vinyl line and the show.

It just makes for a great set of Pop figures, and it will be the perfect foil for the Dany and Drogon Pop Ride set that released a few years ago. I can already foresee some epic shots of this set coming from the toy photography community, so I plan to provide my own once he releases this winter.


– Matt

Captain America joins the Bandai Movie Realisation Line



Bandai’s Movie Realisation lines have had a varied amount of success with the Marvel line coming out worse off compared to the Star Wars characters. Well by the looks of this figure things could be on the up-and-up as Cap does look incredibly striking. Theres a few nice detail that come into play here, namely the star shuriken which can be removed from the shield and chest to make a great accessory for the figure.



I can only hope that this spells the start of a new period of success for the line and we’ll have more insight into that once we have the figure in our hands for review.

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Last modified: September 6, 2017

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