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The Mandalorian bounty hunters are among the most feared in the universe! If you are doing anything “illegal”, or out of the ordinary, you can bet your sweet bottom that one of them is on your tail, and believe you me, you will be caught and punished. There are a few famous bounty hunters, but the one who started it all has to be Jango. I mean, he had an entire clone army made in his likeness, so he must be a complete bad-ass. While he does meet his demise in a very gruesome way, he lived his life on the edge, and created quite a legacy in his own time. So with all that in mind, let’s take a look at the S.H. Figuarts Jango Fett, and see if the figure lives up to the character!



• 6″ Jango Fett figure

• Eight (8) total sets of hands

• One (1) rocket pack

• Two (2) full pistols

• Two (2) half pistols for holsters

• One (1) gauntlet attachment

• Two (2) grapple hooks (one long, one short)

Ohh Bandai, you do love your accessories, don’t you. While I am usually a huge fan of as many accessories you can get with a figure, the ones that are included, and the one that should have been included but was not, have me scratching my head. Let’s talk about the accessories I like, then we can dive into the ones I really don’t like.

He comes with 8 hands in total; 2 gun gripping, 2 closed fists, 2 open palms, and 2 gun cradling hands. Every figure should come with interchangeable hands, as it gives us so many options for posing and picture taking. Bandai does a great job in this category, and I never feel jipped with the hands that come with their figures, and this one is no exception. His rocket pack is also one of those things that every Fett figure should have, so this was a no-brainer. Jango’s pack looks great, and even has a little bit of articulation on the boosters. His two full pistols also look fantastic, and quite a bit of detail on them, and fit into his hands nicely.


Ok, those are the good accessories, now let’s talk about the questionable ones. So instead of his holsters being able to hold his pistols, he comes with these two half-pistons with a peg on one end. These slip into the holsters, and peg into a hole inside of it. This makes no sense to me, as I would think that instead of making his holsters solid inside, it would have been cheaper, and saved some plastic, to just make them hollow and have his full pistols fit inside them. Did we really need some cut in half pistols that you have to try not to lose when you have him holding his real guns?

He also comes with two grappling hooks that can be attached to his gauntlet. While I like the extras, they are so small, and will easily get lost, if they are not already. One of them does have a wire attached to it so you can make it look like it is being fired, but this is something I could have done without. He also comes with a gauntlet attachment that has these spike looking things on them. It looks great, but unfortunately it does not stay in very well, and when you swap them out, you un-hook these small plastic hoses, and plug them back in. Very infuriating, and those damn things always pop out, even when you don’t swap out the attachment.

What really confuses me is why does he not come with an alternate head sculpt? Why does the helmet not go over a normal head sculpt so you can have multiple options there? They could have scrapped all these other small accessories that make no sense, and spent that money on an alternate head sculpt so we can actually see his face. Instead, we only get the helmet, and no other options.

SCULPT – 10/10

Did you really expect anything other than a perfect score for the sculpting on this figure? I mean, come on, Bandai always knocks it out of the park in the sculpting category, and once again, they did not fail to impress with Jango. Every piece of detail is sculpted perfectly on this figure, from the small detail on the viewfinder on his helmet, down to the tread on the bottom of his shoes. There is detail everywhere you look, and while it looks simple at first, the more you look at it, the more these details pop out at you.


When you think of any of the Fett figures, you should be thinking of the helmet and rocket pack, and if you are not, what the hell is wrong with you? The fine lines in the helmet are done perfectly, and that true Mandalorian look is definitely there. There are small vents on the back of the helmet, that I’m not even sure are supposed to be there, but look fantastic none-the-less. The jet pack is another piece of art. Every inch, every line, and indent are sculpted to perfection.

There are so many small details on this figure, it would be impossible to point them all out, but Bandai did not miss a single one. The small rocket on his arm rocket launcher has more detail sculpted in it that on some other entire figures I have seen. The cloth folds are done in an amazing fashion as well, and once again, it’s nice to see them not overdone, but sculpted in just the right places. Seriously, if you have never held a S.H. Figuarts, or looked one over, do yourself a favor and pick one up. It is seriously impossible to describe all the details, and the same can be said for this figure as well.


While the paint on Jango is pretty good, I feel they missed the mark in adding a little extra that would really make it pop. The overall armor is painted in this metallic silver paint that looks great, and has a metal feel to it. There is a little bit of weathering on it, but not enough in my opinion. Jango is a fast-drawing, rocket-firing, jedi-fighting monster, and his armor should reflect that. Instead, it is way too clean, and looks like he has only fought a couple of 5 year olds while trying to take away their candy. While I admit that can be very difficult (I do love me some skittles), he should have a little more damage to his armor than what is currently there.

The purple-ish color to his cloth pieces is done nicely as well, and there is not a single smudge anywhere to be found, but again, it is way to clean. There is absolutely no black wash on it at all, and looks way to clean to be on a bounty hunter. Maybe he is meticulous with his laundry, and always has a clean pair of pants to wear, but just a little bit of a wash would have been appreciated. Remember all that money they could have saved by not giving us those useless accessories? Some of that money could have been used to give the entire figure a once-over with some dirt wash. The blues in the helmet are spot-on, and the belt paint does give a nice leather like appearance.



If you were to ask me what brand has the best articulation, I would say Bandai, hands down! They have seemed to really nail the balance between wonderful articulation and keeping the figures look as realistic as possible. Jango has that same level of detail put into the articulation department, but there are a few things I’m not too excited about.

The head and neck are both on ball joints that would usually allow for some great movement, but due to the helmet design, and how low it sits on the neck, this is hindered quite a bit. He does get good movement, but no where near what I am used to. There is a butterfly with a ball joint in the shoulder which allows for good movement, and the shoulder pad armor can move out of the way to allow the arm to move all the way out to a 90 degree height. There is upper arm rotation, followed by a double jointed elbow. The gauntlets hinder movement quite a bit at the hands, and don’t really allow a full range of motion. There is also a pain in the ass part when you try to bend the elbows as the little cables that are plugged into the gauntlets like to become unplugged, and if you are not paying attention, will just hang there (you can see it in some of the photos in this review).


There is a single ball joint at the waist, which by itself, has some really nice movement, but unfortunately you have to kind of click it into place to lock it down, and without doing that, the waist joint is very lose, and will drive you bat shit crazy when trying to pose. His belt is not attached and can move out of the way to allow for more articulation.

There are pull down joints in the groin area, which allow the legs to move out almost all the way to a full split. There is some slight rotation at the hip, which is followed by a double jointed knee which allow the knee to bend almost all the way up. There is a swivel and hinge at the ankle which allows forward, back, and side-to-side movement, but not much pivot. He also has the standard toe joint.


S.H. Figuarts go for about $50 on average, and Jango is currently going for about $75. I think that is a little high, even though he does come with quite a few accessories (some of which are not needed). He is a good figure, but I feel that $75 is a little high.



I love S.H. Figuarts, and if you have read any of my other reviews, you will see that I think they are the best manufacturers of toys in the business. Unfortunately, there are a few things that really bother me about this figure that keep me from ranking it very high. The unnecessary accessories, the lack of articulation in some areas, the lack of a good dirt wash are all the things that I don’t really like here. It does have that great Bandai quality, and is overall a very solid figure, but just does not meet the very high expectations I have for S.H. Figuarts figures.



SHF Jango LongVerdict




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