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ArtFx collectors get the possibility to add three more figures to their 1/10th scale Star Wars collection.

Kotobukiya announced following new figures:

  • Poe Dameron and BB-8 double pack from “The Force awakens”
  • Stormtrooper FN-2199
  • Luke Skywalker “Return of the Jedi”

Let’s take a closer look to the several packages!

Poe Dameron and BB-8:

With this package you’ll get Poe in his flight-suit with the option to swap the heads which means it’s possible to display him with his helmet under his arm or on his head. The sculpt and paint is on point and seems to be very accurate.


The second figure in that double-pack is the fan-favorite droid BB-8. Wait! Another BB-8 release by Kotobukiya? Yes! And the new version really justifies a second release.

Although BB-8 was previously released in the droid three-pack we now get a much improved version. This time its possible to open the front and extend the famous “Thumbs up” flame armature. Also new: the head is magnet-attached to the body and it should offer new head positions.

Both figures feature magnets in their feet to provide a secure stand on the included bases.



You may not remember the name FN-2199 but you remember this line from the “riot control trooper” who’s now one of the new presented figures.


The trooper comes with extra weapon parts for display with riot baton collapsed or extended, shield, or left arm free.

As all ArtFx figures FN-2199 also has magnetic feet to provide a secure and safe stand on the included base.

But beside the movie-accurate sculpt Kotobukiya also included Finn’s head and his bloody helmet which can be placed on previously released trooper figures. This allows to recreate more scenes from the seventh part of the Star Wars saga. Nice move Kotobukiya!

Luke Skywalker:

Last but not least Kotobukiya also announced a new Luke Skywalker version from “Return of the Jedi” in his black dress from the end of the movie.


Luke stands in a “ready to fight” pose which is already great when placing him alone but the best about this figure release are the included arms for the ArtFx Darth Vader.

With the included arms its possible to change the pose of the Dark Lord and pose him together with Luke Skywalker in a fight scene!

The sculpt of Luke is really good and it’s easy to recognize the young Mark Hamill. It’s a nice addition especially for collectors of the classic trilogy.


All three new sets are really nice and finally BB-8 is able to be displayed with “thumbs up”!

But the best feature are the several bonus items which offer the possibility to change the appearance of older figures. Whoever at the Kotobukiya headquarter had the idea to include such items this man deserves the “medal of marketing”! These additions are bringing a lot of versatile options to the ArtFx statues. Once again: nice move Kotobukiya!

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(Original imagery and information from Kotobukiya Facebook)

Last modified: September 5, 2017

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