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I have a confession to make…I have a huge man-crush on Captain Phasma! I’m sure you can all relate, and fully agree with me right? When I first saw Captain Phasma on the previews for The Force Awakens, I thought, holy shit, look at that awesome trooper! We now all know that she is not a regular trooper, but more of their fearless leader, which makes her even more awesome in my eyes.

While she never really lives up to her potential in TFA, I’m hoping she makes a huge comeback in The Last Jedi, and I can sit in the movie theaters with a blanket over my lap and truly enjoy the film!

When asked what my favorite figure was, it was pretty easy to pick, as I think this S.H. Figuarts Phasma is AMAZING! All the details are there, and she just really stands out in any picture, no matter what else is going on.

Phasma Favorite-1

This first shot is my take on the scene where she confronts FN-2187 about taking his helmet off. You can almost see the “WTF are you doing” in her face, even though we never see it. She has that air of superiority that just makes you stand up and take notice, and if she ever confronted me, I would quickly stain that bright white trooper outfit.

Phasma Favorite-2

Even with other characters around her, she just stands out so much. It’s amazing to behold, and even better to shoot, because I think I could literally just throw her on the ground, snap any old pic, and it would come out awesome. This shot shows that she is clearly behind Kylo in the pecking order, but has the back-up of her troopers and command their respect at all times.

Phasma Favorite-3

While doing this shoot, I literally kept moving other figures around Phasma, but yet she still stood out. Here she is ordering around troops, or positioning them to shoot their nads off. Either way, she looks great doing it.

Phasma Favorite-5

In this shot, I wanted to portray the relationship between Kylo Ren, and Phasma. She clearly does not back down from him, and ultimately looks so much better, but being a good soldier, she knows her place in the pecking order, and understands that even the coolest of characters has to take orders from time to time.

Phasma Favorite-4

Here she is contemplating why she had to bitch slap the hell out of that last trooper, but darn it, he just wasn’t listening. When Phasma gives you an order, you carry it out until you no longer have breath in your lungs, or face the consequences. Just standing there she looks cool as hell, and Bandai did an absolute amazing job on this figure. Keep your eyes here at Exclu for an upcoming full review on this top-notch figure.

I’ll leave you with this final shot of her commanding her troops, with the sun glistening off of her incredible chrome-like armor. If you are like me at all, after seeing all this Phasma glory, you now need a moment to yourself, and possibly a tissue…

SHF Phasma-1-2

Does Phasma make the top of your list for best figure? Let us know on IG by using #fridayfavourite and showing us who is your favorite action figure.




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