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We’re excited to introduce a brand new shoot from Jennifer Nichole Wells for Robots and Droids Week which features the cult favourite “5 Nights At Freddys”. The shoot has Jen’s signature styling fingerprints all over it so be sure to check it out!


When @exclucollective announced Robot Week, my mind went straight to the animatronic robots of Five Nights at Freddy’s. I’ve shot some of these Funko brand 2 inch figures before, but the sister location characters had yet to make it in front of my camera lens. The concept with sister location is that the characters are outsourced for parties, and thus their surroundings change a bit from the previous games. It was interesting to take pieces from the game and combine them with imagined scenarios these creepy robots may find themselves in.

I honestly am not that into video games for the most part, but I love the look of those in the Five Nights franchise. And being that I typically make darker images, with the occasional spooky side, this game and its characters are the perfect jumping off point.

Meet Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy and their precarious surroundings. Just tread carefully.


Before shooting, I refreshed my knowledge of the game, then sketched and planned out the scenes for each figure. Ballora, a ballerina screamed for a spotlight. Baby seemed to need to be around some sort of kiddie ride. Funtime Freddy, with his puppet fit just nicely with my new paper theater. And for Funtime Foxy, I liked the red buttoned elevator from the game and combined it with the tangled pipe look of the game’s control room.

BalloraFuntime Foxy

Because I had already made the stage, table and chairs, tickets, party hats, and flooring for my previous series, I just had to figure out how to make the illusion of an elevator and kiddie ride. A piece of cardboard, tiny button painted red, and cut up glove later and an elevator was born. Then, a plastic umbrella and tiny floating swans and I had a semblance of a kiddie ride.

Staying true to my previous images with these types of figures, I used a dirty black and white checkered floor in each scene. I also decided to make the scenes very shadowed with only specific points illuminated. The idea with the lighting, was to make the characters visible but mysterious. For these I also wanted a blue tone – for a night time effect, and I then desaturated the images because the forms of the sister location figures are interesting in themselves without all their bright colors.

Funtime Freddy

These figures, while their heads can turn, are otherwise completely non-articulated. However, as they’re meant to be creepy and ready to attack, this worked out pretty well. I placed each figure in a different part of the frame, but facing the camera to look straight at the viewer. I then focused light right on the hands they’ll be attacking with, and through shadow these stiff figures were each given a life of their own.

To shoot these scenes I used my old, but still working, Canon EOS Revel T1i with a Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens. I set up the scenes, comprised of cardboard pieces and miniature accessories, in my table top studio, and lit them with a tabletop LED light.

Party Table

And there you have it, my Five Night’s at Freddy’s Sister Location AKA Robot Week shoot. Thank you to @exclucollective for giving me the motivation to shoot these and the opportunity to share them.

A massive thank you to Jennifer for again bringing her incredible style and attention to detail to the play for us here at Exclu with this 5NAF shoot. Be sure to check out more of her work over on Instagram under her handle @jennifernicholewells and be sure to stay tuned to Exclu for more of the latest from the Toy Community.

Last modified: August 29, 2017

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