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Andika Fikri is back with another expansive Behind the Scenes feature as he tackles the Flash for Justice League with a full walkthrough of his set-up and editing process for what is a fantastic final outcome!

Hello guys! it’s me again, Andika Fikri aka @af_toys. I want to say thank you to Jack at Exclu for giving me this opportunity to share my behind the scenes work. I got the idea to shoot The Flash figure since it’s my favorite character in DC Comics.  I grabbed the Flash and began thinking about the the blue lightning effect from the Justice League Trailer. Now, I thought Id give it a try so here’s my  setup for the shoot inspired by the @workmoreorless Digirama series.

Action Figure and Camera


  • Mezco One:12 The Flash



8. Setup9. Camera Settings

  • Camera: Canon Eos 60D
  • Lens: Canon 60mm f/2.8 macro
  • Tripod

5. Setup From Above


  • 1 desk lamp covered in Blue color gel to give bluish effect on Flash Body (from left direction)
  • 1 LED Lamp with soft box from the right direction


  • Macbook’s screen with wallpaper

4. Setup 1

How I took the shot:

  • First I place a floor part of Diorama above my laptop’s keyboard, also set the wallpaper on my macbook screen. Then set The Flash Action Figure and pose it in front of the screen.
  • Second, Turn on both Lights (Lighting 1 and Lighting 2)
  • Adjust my Camera Setting ISO 100 f 3.2 SS 1/30
  • Take the shot normally and move into photoshop to add some effects

2. IMG_1779 before edited

Editing Process:

  • I open photoshop and import my picture
  • next, I import lightning pictures from google, and I blend it by changing the blend mode to screen. then, I adjust the levels and Hue/Saturation.

3. Before and After

  • Then, add Blue color Brush with Overlay blending option to bring out the lightning color, also add the a red color Brush for the background to brighten the fire.
  • You could see the lightning vfx breakdown from the video below
  • After saving the image in .psd format, I moved to Lightroom for a little color correcting

10. color correction in Lightroom1. Final Image

Finally, it’s done! I hope that my behind the scenes will be useful for you.

Thanks again Exclu Collective!

A huge thank you to Andika for sharing another in-depth look at an exclusive shoot for us as part of his weekly theme feature. Be sure to follow his work over on Instagram via @af_toys for more of the latest of his work and for more BTS features, stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: April 13, 2018

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