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Batman is by far my favorite superhero of all time. He doesn’t have super-strength, he can’t fly, or shoot lasers out of his eyes, or any of those other things you think about when you think superhero. Instead, he uses his wits, cunning, brain, and gigantic bank roll to fight evil, and he is never outmatched. But, as much as I love Batman, I have hated each and every figure I have of him, so I thought I would give this Injustice version from Bandai a try. While it has some really cool qualities about it, I am still on the hunt for a good version. Let’s take a look, and I’ll let you know what I think of this figure.

Injustice Batman-7


• 6″ Batman figure

• Seven (7) total sets of hands

• Two (2) head sculpts

• Two (2) batterangs

• One (1)A grapple gun

• Two (2) grapple hooks; one short, one long

• One (1) machine gun

• One (1) gas canister

Bandai strikes again in the accessory department! This figure definitely comes with his fair share of stuff to lose, or I mean use, to get some really cool poses. His two head sculpts are very different, which is nice to see since a lot of times you will get two heads that look very similar, so it is nice to get something different. His wide variety of hands can be used for a wide variety of poses, and are nicely sculpted. They are a little difficult to switch back and forth, and you will cut the hell out of your fingers in trying to do so, but there are plenty of options.

Injustice Batman-1

The batterangs look a little big and out of scale, but if they were any smaller, I would have lost them before getting them out of the package, so I guess I’m glad they are a little bigger. The gas canister on the other hand, is a whole ‘nother story. That little piece is rolling around on my carpet somewhere, or in the belly of my cat, either way, it is gone for good. The weapons have some great detail, but the handle on the grapple gun is really big. Like, really big! If you were to think of Shaq naked, that’s how big this handle is, and just as difficult to handle, or so I have heard. You really have to stretch out his grapple holding hand to wrestle that thing in there, but once it is in position, it will not move.

SCULPT – 8/10

The sculpt is absolutely beautiful on this figure, even if most of it is very difficult to see due to the dark nature of the character itself. There is detail everywhere you look, and even as I write this, I am finding new things to look at that I never saw before. I have not played the Injustice game, so I can’t say for sure how accurate the armor is, but it is BADASS! This is how I like to see Batman! He looks mean, agile, strong, and menacing all at once, and the sculpt on this figure fully supports that.

Injustice Batman-6


The linework in the armor is crisp and clean, and what few cloth parts there are, are sculpted beautifully. There is battle damage throughout the entire figure, and while some parts don’t look realistic in why they are there, I do appreciate that it is all over the figure, and not just on some parts. The ultimate part of Batman, his utility belt, is a work of art, and looks like he could possibly be carrying a Howitzer tank in there somewhere. Bandai usually does great work in the sculpting detail, and this guy is no exception. So why only an 8?

I took points off due to the extremely sharp nature of the sculpt. The “ears” on the head could puncture a rhinos skin, and since you want to change the head around quite a bit, you will find yourself bleeding quite a bit while handling this figure. The same can also be said about the spikes on the gauntlets, which, conveniently, is another place you will be handling a lot switching out the hands. I swear that Bandai did this on purpose just to see how much they could make you bleed. When you go out to shoot this guy, make sure to bring plenty of bandaids and neosporin, because you will need it!


The paint is perfect here, nothing out of the ordinary for Bandai. Batman is the “Dark Knight”, so you would expect there to be a lot of dark colors, and you would be correct. However, due to the varying dark shades, it really looks great, and not just one big blob of black. There is black, with scattered dark grey throughout the armor pieces, which helps break up the monotone color scheme. The helmeted head sculpt has this great shade of blue that really stands out, and defines the paint perfectly. I have not seen one smudge, or imperfection in the paint, and to be honest, you probably wouldn’t even notice it if there was some. With the level of detail in the sculpt, your eyes are too busy gazing at all the awesomeness, that you would never see a small paint smudge.

Injustice Batman-9


Excellent articulation, and while somewhat limited due to the armor pieces, you can get Batman into some great poses. There is a joint at both the neck and the head, which gives nice full range of motion. He can bury his chin into his chest, and almost look all the way up, and due to the double joint in the head and neck, has wonderful tilt. There is a ball and butterfly joint in the shoulder that allows the arm to rotate all the way around, and some very nice forward and back motion. There is an armor piece on the shoulder, but it is articulated itself, so it easily gets out of the way when lifting the arm.

There is full bicep rotation, followed by double jointed elbows that bend almost all the way. I think the limitation is due to the armor piece, and not the actual joint itself. There is lower arm rotation followed by the standard Bandai wrist joint that allows for full rotation, and either hinge or swivel depending on how you attach the hand.

Injustice Batman-12

He has both a diaphragm and waist ball joint, which gives good forward, back, and side to side motion. These are again limited due to the armor, but you still get great movement. His utility belt is only attached on the back, which will allow you to move it around a bit to accommodate for his bending motions. He has pull down leg joints that allow the leg to move forward just past 90 degrees, back by about 45 degrees, and he can almost do a full split. The only rotation in the legs is in the groin joint, but it does allow for enough movement to make up for a lack of it in the rest of the leg. He has double jointed knees, followed by an ankle joint that allows for up, down, swivel, and ankle pivot. There is a small armor piece just above the foot, but that will move out of the way to allow for even greater movement.

Now let’s talk about the cape. Oh the crappy, hard plastic, brittle feeling cape. While it looks great in this wind blown sweeping look, it is truly a pain the ass to deal with. It slots into the back, and is actually in three pieces, all of which articulate. You can move it out, and move the side pieces in and out separately, giving some cool poses, but due to the design, it really takes a lot away from the figure. You can pop the side pieces off, and leave just the middle for a standing pose with no wind, but then you have to put them back on for anything else. I can see what they were trying to do with the cape, but it just does not work and will end up frustrating the hell out of you.

Injustice Batman-13


These S.H. Figuarts figures are a little more costly that your Black Series, or Marvel Legends, but then again, you get what you pay for. The average cost of these guys are around the $60 mark, which I think is a great price. I actually thing you are getting a bargain for that price with all the detail, articulation, and accessories you get, but what do I know. This price will obviously go up and down, and I think this figure is going for around $65 on Amazon right now. I still think that is a great price for the figure and quality.


Ohh, so damn close I can feel it, but there are just too many glaring flaws (I’m looking at you cape) that bring the overall design of this figure down. The sculpt and paint are amazing, but once you put everything together, that is when things break down. The cape is horrible, there are way to many sharp points, and the grapple gun handle is gigantic. This has all the pieces to make it a perfect Batman, and I think a re-design of some of them would make it just that. While I could possible get over the sharp parts (which, by the way, never let your children play with as they WILL hurt themselves), but the cape is a total killer for me.

I am actually thinking of taking the capes off of my Mafex Batman and Superman, and transferring them to the Injustice versions, and if I do that, I will give an update. Only problem is, I have never tried to do any custom work, and I’m not quite sure how to attach the Mafex capes to the Bandai versions. If you are a customizer, and have some tips on how I could do that, I am listening, and would more than welcome any pointers!

Injustice Batman LongVerdict



Stan is a graphic designer from Orlando, Florida, and has been an avid lover of toys for his entire life. He love’s doing anything that exercises the creative side of his brain and toy photography has been a tremendous outlet for that. When he is not taking photos of toys (which makes his wife shake her head and roll her eyes when he packs toys on all his vacations), he can be find photographing his daughter doing dance, woodworking or flying his drone for cool aerial photography.


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