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The next photographer to tackle our 1:6th theme this week is Zadok Roth who takes on the Sideshow Rogue Leader Luke and the ThreeZero Lord Eddard Stark figures with incredible results!


I follow Exlcu’s themes and look for ones that would challenge me or pique my interest. This week was 1/6 which has been my scale now for about a year since I gave up on Star Wars TBS (Sorry 6″ fans! You still take great shots!). Obviously this theme would be easier for me so I challenged myself by combining my photoshoot with some hiking; early enough to get some sunrise. I chose my figures Threezero Eddard Stark and Sideshow Collectibles Rogue Group Leader Luke and R2D2 for two different feels. Luke and R2 are in search of something on a new planet and Eddard is taking a walk through some ruins (actually they are wishing stones, make a wish and add a rock to the tower).


I had fun with this shoot I tried capturing those somber vibes from Eddard by arriving at a time with optimal nartural light and editting the contrast and warm postshooting. For Luke it was about discovery and getting some nice scenery from the mountainside.

The first pics of Luke were a little frightening, a light breeze had me worried I’d lose him or some pieces over the mountain. The sun was in a great position and I brought R2 along to give it more character. I use Lens Distortions (free) and Lens Light (paid) for a little extra feel. I added some light fog to imagine a colder atmosphere to go with his Hoth jacket and enhanced some of the sun’s rays. The next 2 shots were near a very large wishing stone tower. My wife thought the 4th shot had a cinematic feel to it. A challenge of 1/6 vs 6″ figures is wardrobe problems are pretty real. I always have to adjust belts, collars and such. 1/6 collectors refer to this a “futzing” I’ve noticed.

For Eddard’s shot the sun was a little higher which meant I wasn’t getting the straight on rays I’d hoped for. I spent a little more time out than anticipated but I like the results. Again I played with the warmth settings on IG’s editor tool to give a colder feel to the images. After all winter is coming even with my 90 degree Korean weather. I enjoy using natural light and go for a concept art style shot. I’d like to invest in an external flash at some point for some of the styled portaits that are pretty popular among the community but I don’t yet know enough about what to get and how to use it.


I use a Nikon J3 with the standard lens and for the helmeted Luke shots I used the optional 30-110mm lens. I like the point and shoot aspect of that camera. I definitely consider myself amatuer but at the same time I think I’ve come a long way in the couple years I’ve been photographing. I think the community is great on IG and I get a lot of inspiration from other pages. It may feel disappointing to have to doctor you shots up some times and I’m learning to rely more on camera setting and shooting environment but sometimes pictures need a little extra. Don’t be discouraged as an amatuer photographer, there are a lot of stellar artists in the community and I look at them for inspirtation and instruction when they put it out.


Some people have the talent for and benfit from being photographers as an occupation. Some of us just have to be extra creative with the time we have. Thanks again @exclucollective for helping me get out the door and shoot and showcasing some great pieces to inspire.

A huge thank you goes to Zadok for taking the time to share this brand new series with us and for covering 2 of the best 1:6th figures around. To catch more of his work be sure to check out his feed on Instagram over at @scaled_multiverse and for the latest from the Toy community be sure to stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: August 21, 2017

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