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TJ Frye brings Marvel into the game for 1:6th week with an exclusive shoot for us that focuses on his Hot Toys Civil War collection shot against a studio backdrop so that the detail of the figures do all the talking!


I was very excited to participate in Exclu Collective’s 1/6 theme week.  Some of my favorite  figures to photograph are six scale figures because of all the detail and realism on these figures.  The Hot Toys releases stand out to me the most and the recent wave of Captain America Civil War figures have spent a lot of time on my studio/drafting table and in front of my lens.


For this shoot I selected five of my favourites:  Captain America Battling Version, Iron Man MK 46, War Machine MK 3, The Black Panther and finally The Winter Soldier.


I messed with the figures until I found a pose I liked.  I then backlit the figures with my old light box and added more lighting with two speedlites and an dimmable LED.  One speedlite was positioned to the left and bounced off a silver reflector.  Another speedlite was used through an overhead diffuser.  The LED was positioned below the figure to provide some up lighting and bring out some details lost due to the brightness of the light box.

I use a 100mm macro 2.8 lens on my Canon 6D for the majority of my shots.  The speedlites were controlled by a remote trigger mounted to the 6D’s hot shoe.  Since I was shooting at f/7 at shutter speeds of 1 to 2 seconds in low light I attached the camera to a tripod and used a remote shutter release to take the shots.



I went through anywhere from 10 to 15 shots for each figure until I was mostly happy with the in-camera image.  The images were uploaded onto Lightroom where I adjusted the saturation, contrast, and clarity.  I used radial filters on the War Machine and Winter Soldier to increase the exposure on their faces only.  Once I was done with the Lightroom adjustments I uploaded the Iron Man and War Machine images onto Photoshop and used a soft white brush to add the light effects on their eyes and chest reactors.  The entire process took me a little over four hours over the course of two evenings this week.

To check out more amazing shots from TJ be sure to check his Instagram page @capes.and.rifles as we say a huge thank you to him for sharing his incredible work with us. For all the latest stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: August 20, 2017

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