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Kotobukiya extends their DC Comics ArtFx line with the children of the DC superstars Batman and Superman. First in line is Damian Wayne aka Robin and his four-legged friend Ace the Bat-Hound.


Designed after the monthly comic series Super Sons Robin’s costume is a combination of red, yellow, green, and black like his predecessors, and features combat boots, armored plates, reinforced gloves, a utility belt, and scalloped cape.

He`s holding Batarangs in his hands ready to attack from the shadows with his green masked eyes. Robin stands in a wide-legged stance and is 5.5 inches tall.

Aggressive and ruthless as Robin comes his companion Ace the Bat-Hound. The dog is also ready to attack with his human on his side. Ace comes with two different heads which are interchangeable – an unmasked head and a masked head and stands 3.5 inches tall.

Sidenote: A lot of people could be confused why Ace needs a mask. In the original comic the dog has a very unique mark on his head. Due to that mark his head needs to be covered with a black mask so he won’t be recognized by the scum of Gotham City.

Both figures are coming in the ArtFx 1/10 scale and fit perfectly to previous releases by Kotobukiya. As usual they have magnets in their feet to provide a stable positioning on the included base.

In addition to Robin and Ace also Jonathan Kent and Krypto will be released in the future.

Personally I’m very fascinated by the sculpt and paint application of both figures and i hope the final release will match the promotion pictures.

They’re now up for pre-order and the estimated release is in March 2018.

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(Original imagery and information from Kotobukiya Facebook)

Last modified: August 19, 2017

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