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Max Sabin joins us for 1:6th Week with an incredible shoot that, as always with Max, captures the essence of his subjects with real respect and confidence. Max features troopers on the ground from wars both fictional factual from Star Wars to WWII.


For Exclucollective’s 1:6 Week, I went out and took some pictures of one of the fastest growing scales in the toy industry, the 1:6 one. Companies such as Hot Toys, Sideshow, Dragon and many others have been putting out highly detailed figures for several years now, and have just started to really become a hit with both collectors and toy photographers alike, mainly because of the incredible details that are captured on figures that are larger than the average 3.75 or 6 inch ones that are usually available at local retail stores and produced in significantly large quantities. These 1:6 figures, on the other hand, are usually harder to find, and although many may be produced, seeing them listed on auction sites such as eBay after they’re discontinued is harder to come by, especially if you’re looking for an older one at retail, which is very rare.

From my own personal experiences, I’ve noticed that 1:6 figures tend to shoot remarkably well, as the fine details make it seem as if you’re shooting an actual stormtrooper or someone reenacting at a World War II event. I enjoy collecting them as well, because owning a finely detailed miniature suit of Scout Trooper armor is much cheaper than buying a real, life-size wearable one. Regardless, 1:6 scale figures are fun to shoot and collect, and as one very popular toy photographer once told me, “Once you catch the 1:6 bug, you can’t go back”.

For this shoot, I took several shots of some of my favorite 1:6 figures, ranging from a Dragon Models 1:6 German Tank Commander from 2004 to a Sideshow Collectibles Clone Airborne Trooper from 2012, with several other figures from both galaxies in-between. As I have stated before, the fact that I am taking pictures of figures that are representing those of German SS soldiers from the Second World War does not reflect my views of them, and furthermore, I do not condone their actions; I am only trying to preserve history, and show off their uniforms. With that, let’s get started!

2012 Sideshow Collectibles Scout Trooper Deluxe Version.
Taken with Canon Rebel t3i SLR with 55-250 mm Lens

image1 (1) copy 2

The Sideshow Scout Trooper was my second Sideshow I ever bought, and was my favorite up until I bought the Sideshow Airborne Trooper. The details on his armor are absolutely stunning, and he photographs remarkably well. Unfortunately, a good amount of articulation had to be sacrificed so he could look good, and I’m ok with that. He is the deluxe version, which meant that he came packaged with an exclusive sniper rifle that was based on the one used by the Scout Marksman in the Star Wars Battlefront & Battlefront II games from 2004 and 2005 respectively. I acquired this figure on eBay earlier in 2017, and he remains one of my favorite purchases so far.

2012 Sideshow Collectibles Clone Airborne/Paratrooper.
Taken with Canon Rebel t3i SLR with 55-250 mm Lens

image1 (1) copy

This figure is the cat’s meow. The details, accessories, articulation…it’s all there. Although he is basically just a repainted Sideshow Clone with a different head, he’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing figures that I own, and his orange 212th Attack Battalion markings contrast very well against his white, “battle damaged” armor. You don’t see many pictures of this figure on Instagram, and that’s why I enjoy shooting him. He came with many different hands for all sorts of different situations, as well as different feet and 3 different types of blasters. He’s my third Sideshow, and currently my favorite.

2006 Dragon Models 1:6 Action Figure “Axel Haas”, Wehrmacht-Heer Sniper, Grenadier-Regiment 980, 272. Infanterie-Division, Falaise-Chamois Pocket 1944.
Taken with Canon Rebel t3i SLR with 55-250 mm Lens

image1 (1)

If you don’t know me very well, I am a huge history buff, especially when it comes to World War II history. I love the uniforms, guns, tanks, planes, etc, basically any and everything that was used during the conflict. With these Dragon figures, I am able to own a replica of rare uniforms and weapons that normally would cost several hundred or even thousand. Granted, they are smaller, but that just makes them easier to store and display. Axel here is wearing the German “Tan and Water” camouflage, which just happens to be one of my favorites. He’s a great figure, and has almost the same articulation you’d expect from a Sideshow body.

2004 Dragon Models 1:6 Action Figure “Philipp Wagner”, Panzer Regiment 5, 5.SS Panzer Division “Wiking”, Bialystok 1944.
Taken with Canon Rebel t3i SLR with 55-250 mm Lens

image3 (1)

This was one figure that I immediately regretted buying. I told myself “Why did I buy a tank commander if I don’t even have a tank?”, and sure enough, I began to think if I should cancel the order. However, I had an idea where I could set the figure on an elevated position, and then take pictures of him from the ground up to simulate him being perched from the cupola of a Panzer tank. The results were fantastic, and now Philipp has become one of my favorite figures in my collection. Other than looking good in pictures, I have him displayed next to several of my Forces of Valor scale models, and he accents them very well.

2007 Dragon Models 1:6 Action Figure “Hans Meisser”, 12.SS Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend”, Falaise 1944.
Taken with Canon Rebel t3i SLR with 55-250 mm Lens

image4 (1)

For my fifth and final shot, I wanted to show of one of my top three Dragon Figures; Hans. Right off the bat, he’s one of the hardest figures to come by, seeing as both his camo smock and helmet cover are very hard to find, as well as his grenade pouches and rifle-mounted grenade launcher. Much like Philipp, it took awhile for me to warm up to Hans, but after giving him some extra detailing and fixing a few things on his uniform, he became one of my favorites. I actually had to order Hans from a seller based in the United Kingdom, which wouldn’t normally be special except for the fact that I live in the middle of the United States. He’s currently the only figure that I’ve purchased from “across the pond”, and although I wish I could say he’ll hold that title forever, I can almost bet he wont. Regardless, he’s a great figure to have, and looks very nice displayed next to “Marcus”, another Dragon figure I have who is also supposed to be in the 12.SS Panzer Division.

I want to thank my friends Mike, Ben and Carson for their insights into uniforms of the World War II figures, as well as everyone at Exclucollective for featuring me, and all of my followers, on both of my pages, for continuing to support my page and having such a great appreciation for Star Wars and WWII history. You guys all rock!

– Max S.

A massive thank you goes to Max for sharing such a mature and accomplished piece of content for our ongoing 1:6th Week theme as he is able to tackle war based characters with real care and respect. Be sure to catch more of Max’s work over on Instagram via his handle @fovmodels and for more of the latest shoots from the community stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: August 25, 2017

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