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Who’s the coolest looking, most bad-ass, shiniest, tallest, and overall one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe? I’ll give you a second to think about this as there are a lot of options to choose from. Luke Skywalker? Sure, if you love whiny know-it-alls. Darth Vader? Good choice, but isn’t he a little overdone? How about C3-PO? He’s great and all, but let’s be honest, he can get on your nerves quite quickly. So, do you give up? If you cheated and looked at the title of this article, then you know I’m talking about Captain Phasma. She is simply amazing in every way, and I have a feeling, this S.H. Figuarts figure will live up to the Phasma hype! Let’s take a look and see what we got.

SHF Phasma-9


• 6″ Captain Phasma action figure

• 6 total sets of hands

• Left shoulder armor piece

• Blaster rifle

As long as this figure came with Phasma herself, that is all that I would need, but since this is Bandai, the accessories are definitely there, and look fantastic as usual. She comes with a total of six hands; two fists, to open palms, and a left gun cradle hand, and a right gun holding hand. These are very nice hands, and give you a wide range of options to use for posing, which is fantastic. The only downside is that she has to hold the gun with her right hand, so sorry lefties, you are left out here. She also comes with her blaster, which is a piece of art itself. All the details are there, and the stabilizing handle articulates for even more options. Her last accessory is the left shoulder armor piece in case you want to display her without her cape, but let’s be honest with each other, who wants to do that?

SHF Phasma-1

SCULPT – 10/10

Perfect, absolutely perfect! Every time I look at this figure, and then compare it to movie captures, everything is spot on perfect. All the line work, all the small details, every line, every pouch, every indent is there, and exactly where it should be. Maybe I’m a little biased as Phasma is my favorite character, but seriously, Bandai did an amazing job on this sculpt.


Now I know what you are saying; “But Stan, she is really just a glorified stormtrooper, so there is not a lot of sculpting to be done.”, and you would be correct. Even though there is no “human” element showing through like a face, hands, or muscle definition, everything that is there is pure perfection. How many times have we seen figures that don’t have a lot of sculpting, but what is done makes you scratch your head like a lice infected three year old? All the small details are sculpted perfectly, and even the joints have sculpting on them that carries over from the rest of the body. The detail and line work in the helmet are spot on, and as about as movie accurate as I have seen. There are even little pouches sculpted into the cape, that I’m not even sure are in the movie, but look cool as hell.


While there is not a lot of paint to speak of on this figure, what is there looks great! Phasma is clad in a chrome-like armor, and while this particular one is not pure chrome, it does have this nice sheen to it, especially when compared to the Black Series version, and not as shiny as some other figures out there. The chrome reflects back nicely, giving not a pure reflection, but more blurred, and I think that is perfect. I’m not sure how I would feel about a pure chrome finish, so I really like the shine and sheen on this one. The black pieces, what little there is, is perfect. There are no imperfections around the eyes, or recessed areas on the helmet, and I have not seen any bleeding or paint smudges anywhere.


Her cape is a nice black as well, and the red pin stripe that runs the length of one side is spot on. My only complaint with the paint on this figure is that it is too perfect. What I mean by that is there are no blemishes, dirt, scuffs, or imperfections anywhere to be found. So while she looks like she just came from the car wash, all nice and sparkly, it would have been nice to see a little bit of dirt or blackwash somewhere to show that she actually did something in the movie.


When it comes to articulation, S.H. Figuarts seem to have it mastered. There is more than enough articulation to get her in any pose that you wish, but yet all the joints are solid and don’t seem weak at all. There is a ball joint in the head and neck which allows for fantastic range of motion, even with a helmet on. She can bury her chin into her chest, has great side to side tilt, and of course, full rotation.

The shoulder joint allows for a full 360 degree rotation, and allows for the art to come out to 90 degrees. There is a piece of armor at the shoulder, but that is on it’s own hinge, which allows it to move out of the way when moving the arm around. She has upper arm rotation, followed by double jointed elbows which come almost all the way up. The only reason it does not come all the way is due to the armor pieces on the upper and lower arms, not the joint itself. There is also elbow rotation, followed by a ball joint at the wrist that allows for full rotation, and a swivel or hinge depending on how you have it set.


Phasma has an incredible ball joint in the chest, which allows for some of the best movement I have seen. When pulled all the way to one side, or front and back, there is a slight gap that is visible, but not enough to really bother me. She has a waist joint that allows for full rotation, as well as full front to back, and side to side articulation. The entire body is so well articulated, it brings tears to my eyes.

Her groin joint does not have the usual pull-down leg that we are used to, but that does not hinder the articulation at all. She can do a full split, come forward to just under 90 degrees, and back just a little. A nice extra touch is the pouches on her belt are also articulated on small ball joints that allow them to move as you move the legs so to not hinder any of the leg movement. There is some upper thigh rotation, followed by double jointed knees that allow a bend just above 90 degrees. Again, this is more a limitation of the armor and not the joint itself. The ankle pivot allows forward, back, rotation, and pivot for a nice range of motion, and of course, there is a toe joint. Even the cape is loose around the neck that allows for it to move quite a bit around, which is great because it does not hinder the articulation on any part of the figure.

SHF Phasma-14


S.H. Figuarts usually go for around $50, which I think is a great deal considering the amount of detail, and quality you get, but right now, Captain Phasma can be had for around $40 right now. That is a deal that you absolutely cannot pass up, and for that cost, I think you are actually stealing from Bandai!



While this is one of my absolute favorite figures of all time, there are a few things that bug me. First, when you take the cape off and try to put the additional shoulder piece, it can have you cursing like a sailor. It is difficult because the piece itself is articulated, and it is really tine, and that makes it incredibly difficult to get that small peg into place when it is moving all over the place. The other thing that annoys me a little bit is the hole on her right hand is a little small for the peg on her hands, which makes it difficult to get in at times. I do not have any fear of it breaking, but you can really have to push on it to get it to click in all the way.

Besides for those two minor issues, this figure is perfect! You are doing yourself a dis-service if you do not pick this up to have in your collection. When you do go out and buy it, you can thanks me later!

SHF Phasma-18




Stan is a graphic designer from Orlando, Florida, and has been an avid lover of toys for his entire life. He love’s doing anything that exercises the creative side of his brain and toy photography has been a tremendous outlet for that. When he is not taking photos of toys (which makes his wife shake her head and roll her eyes when he packs toys on all his vacations), he can be find photographing his daughter doing dance, woodworking or flying his drone for cool aerial photography.


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