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My favorite figure? That’s a tough question which isn’t easy to answer. Normally I would say “Hot Toys Ultron MK I” but a few weeks ago I got my hands on the S.H. Figuarts Turtles.

From that point on the four brothers in a half shell are my new favorites! Like Dale said in his review (SH Figuarts Turtles) they’re “totally radical, dude”!


This article won’t be another review so don’t be afraid. It’s a shoutout for one of the best Turtle toy lines ever.

These figures are coming with so much fun. I look at them and instantly I’m in the Turtles mood.

Each figures comes with several accessories and possibilities that it’s always a pleasure to use them for toy photography or just to take a look at them in the collection. There aren’t many figures in my house which create that kind of feeling. A nice side effect is that the title melody turns into a constant earwig.

“Teenage mutant ninja turtles, teenage mutant ninja turtles,…” – You know what i mean?


Most of the time I use them for indoor shots and they scale perfectly for example with the Extreme Sets backgrounds. Their posing abilities are really amazing and it isn’t hard to find stable positions.

The several hands add a lot of versatility and also the optional head which comes with each figure is fantastic.

At first I had to wait a few days for Donatello because he came from another store but even without him I had already a lot of fun with them.


Where´s Donnie

Every brother comes with additional stuff and in Micheangelos case it’s a very nice climbing hook which actually really works! Although the figures are really heavy for their size it was possible to put him into a climbing position.


Probably it’s already good to see how many different styles are possible and there are always new poses and scenes available to explore. I simply love them especially because they’re a huge part of my childhood and they made me love pizza!


If you ever think about to add the green heroes into your collection the SH Figuarts are definitely worth a look!

Fantastic figures with high quality at a good price. I’m sure they’re remaining my favorite figures for a long time.

Some final words?


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(All images by myself @wonderbunk)

Last modified: August 11, 2017

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    Those SDCC turtles are awesome!

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