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This week is Marvel Heroes week here at Exclu, and there are a lot to choose from. We have Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, etc., etc.. For me however, the ultimate hero in the Marvel Universe is Spiderman. He is one of my absolute favorites behind Batman, but alas, this was not DC week. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Stealth Spiderman from the Marvel Legends Sandman Build-a-Figure set.

Stealth Spiderman-15


• 6″ Spiderman figure

• 4 total sets of hands

• Sandman BAF hand accessories

This figure really only comes with an extra set of hands, as I don’t count the BAF pieces as accessories for Spiderman. You get two fist hands, and two wall crawling hands, and while these are cool to have, it really is missing one key hand configuration for a Spidey figure…the THWIP hands. How can you have a Spiderman without hands that look like he is shooting his web (that sounds dirtier than it really is)? This is a key accessory that should be automatically included in every Spiderman action figure, and unfortunately Hasbro failed with that one simple thing.

Stealth Spiderman-1

SCULPT – 7/10

If you have ever owned any of the Marvel Legends Spiderman figures, you are already super familiar with the sculpt of this one. The only real sculpting done is with the muscle definition, and while that is done pretty well, it still feels like it is missing some sculpting detail. The chest sculpt looks great, and the entire upper body is done nicely. My biggest complaint is on the back of the legs, where there is hardly any sculpting at all.

The face sculpt, while not a lot there, is done very well. The whole face has this very sleek look, and the chin comes to a point, unlike other Spidey figures. It does not look like there is a face under the mask, but instead looks like an arrowhead if you squint your eyes hard enough, but to be completely honest, if you really, really squint, you can see an uncanny likeness to Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The eyes are sculpted on, and not just painted, which is a nice touch. The reason for the lower score is we have seen this body sculpt many many times before, and since there were very few accessories, they could have at least done a new sculpt with some new features.


Black? Check! White? Check! Ok, that pretty much does it for the paint on this guy! The entire body is done in a black plastic, with white paint applications for contrast. While I think this design is pretty gosh darn awesome, I just think that if the figure has very little paint on it, the paint that is on it should be damn near perfect, and unfortunately, that is not the case here.

Stealth Spiderman-13

There is white paint for the eyes, the spider symbol on the chest and back, and small white squares on the back of the hands. That’s it! Even with that little bit of paint, there are plenty of places that either paint is missing, or not complete, or the black plastic is showing through. There are a few places where the paint is rubbing off, especially around the shoulder joint, but that I can understand. What I can’t comprehend is how many spots are missing, or just plain shoddy on a figure with so little of it. The white on black is very cool looking, but just misses the mark with the actual application.


Now this is the articulation we have been wanting in a Spiderman figure. He is supposed to be a nimble, fast moving, flying all over town type of guy, and the articulation on this figure fully supports that!

There is a ball in the head that allows up, down, full rotation, and some swivel. Unfortunately due to the sculpt of the head, he cannot look up as much as some of his counterparts in other waves.

The arms rotate all the way around, and there are butterfly joints in the shoulder that allow for even greater range of motion. If only he had some THWIP hands, I could get him into some really cool web flinging poses. There is bicep rotation followed by a double jointed elbow. The wrists have full rotation, as well as up-down pivot on both sides.

There is a single chest joint that allows for pretty good forward and backward bend. This is super important for those flying and kneeling poses, and the range here is pretty nice. He has waist rotation that can spin all the way around. The legs can kick forward past 90 degrees, back about 45 degrees, and can split a pretty decent amount. He has upper leg rotation, followed by double jointed knees that can almost kick his own ass. The ankle has great range of motion that allows forward, back, and super flexible ankle pivot.

Stealth Spiderman-9


Marvel Legends retail for $20 here in the States, and I think that is a perfect price point for this line. Looking at Amazon, this particular figure is going for around $27, so a slight price hike, so I would say grab him in the store if you can, but if you can’t find him, the on-line price is not too bad at the moment.


While this figure will not blow your socks off with it’s innovative design, accessories, or paint, it is a very solid figure. I love the black and white version of Spiderman, so this one instantly grabbed my attention when I saw him on the shelf, and prompted me to get the rest of the BAF pieces in this wave. If you are a fan of Spidey, grab him up if you can, but there is honestly nothing that different here, so unless you need him for the BAF piece, you can pass him up.



Stealth Spiderman LongVerdict



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