SDCC Exclusive: Grand Admiral Thrawn Black Series Review

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Picture this, you spend a good chunk of your adolescent years reading novels about a galaxy far far away, a galaxy packed with colorful stories and complex characters that you grow to love (I’m lookin’ at you Xizor). Then one day you’re minding your own business when Disney comes along and buys the rights to that galaxy.


They then proceed  by telling you that all of those novels you read are now known as “Star Wars Legends” and everything besides the movies and animated series, they don’t mean a goddamn thing. Well that’s what happened to me and I wasn’t overly joyed about it. Disney did however throw us fanboys a bone by reintroducing Grand Admiral Thrawn into Rebels as well as a new novel by the characters creator, Timothy Zahn and now Hasbro turns out a truly impressive Thrawn 6” figure as an exclusive Black Series at San Diego Comic Con. Needless to say, my nipples could cut through glass right now.


What’s in the Box:

  • Commander Gree’s helmet
  • Jedi Temple Guard helmet
  • Lightsaber Hilt
  • Chalice
  • Ritual Stone
  • Kalikori totem
  • Ysalamiri Sculpture
  • Blaster pistol

Plus the box itself opens up to create a scene based off his trophy room from Rebels.

Sculpt – 8/10

Lets face it, Hasbro isn’t known for their head sculpts, especially not their unmasked figures, but lately they seem to have been stepping their game up and I gotta say, this isn’t half bad. The likeness is definitely there and I’m glad that they didn’t make him look like a cartoon character. There’s plenty of contour in the face, which makes lighting him a blast. His uniform isn’t anything special to begin with so I guess you could say they did a great job? With all of these accessories, an extra set of hands would have been nice, I’m not a huge fan of his jacked up thumbs, but I’m just digging for things to bitch about at this point. All in all, it ain’t too shabby.


Paint Application – 8/10

Like any Hasbro figure, we’re at the mercy of their quality control, which I’m still not positive is a real thing… I think we’ve all seen a few cringe worthy paint jobs hanging on the pegs at Walmart. On my Thrawn figure in particular, the hair line around his ears is a bit off and the red in his eyes bleeds onto his eyelid a bit. Nothing major unless you’re zooming in really close… Which is exactly what I do, so I tend to get heated over the smallest flaws. If we’re comparing this to Sideshow or even SH figuarts then the score would be much lower.

Articulation – 9/10

Again, I’ll do my best not to compare these to SH Figuarts, so as far as Black Series go, this one more or less hits the mark. Nice range of motion in the arms, double jointed knees. pretty much what you expect when you get a Black Series, and it’s not like he’s a very animated character, I don’t see myself photographing him doing martial arts on the battle field… Damnit, now I wanna go photograph him doing martial arts on the battlefield.

Price Point – 9/10

If you were lucky enough to purchase this at SDCC for the $54 it was retailing for, then I would put this at 10/10, $54 is a steal for this figure. However if you were one of the many jealous fans such as myself that couldn’t make it to the con and had to pay $90 for it, I would rate this at more of a 7 or 8/10. So I compromised and gave it a 9/10. The pictures speak for themselves, this figure comes with a ton of stuff.


Considering this is an exclusive, you expect to pay a little extra if you don’t make it to the con to buy it at the booth but at least with this, you get a sweet box and a bunch of accessories, so it’s a little less painful when scalpers stick it in. But hey, at least I didn’t pay $200 for a 40th anniversary X-Wing Luke.


Overall Design – 10/10

Considering the box itself can be used to create a scene and the amount of extra stuff it comes with, it’s hard to talk down on this figure. But in all honesty, I’m mostly just pumped that this figure even exists now, Heir to the Empire was one of the first books I ever read as a kid, so this whole “bringing Thrawn back” thing muh muh muh makes me happy. I never go full Hasbro, but I’m on board with this guy.





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SDCC Exclusive: Grand Admiral Thrawn Black Series Review

  1. Strangely enough, I discovered after purchasing a Thrawn figure for myself that his hands are perfectly capable of holding a standard Warhammer 40k space marine base. Needless to say this made for some interesting photos.

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