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I previously wrote a piece on Mafex’s version of the Deadshot figure from the DC Extended Universe’s Suicide Squad movie as a friend of mine, Hercules Chung from Hong Kong, was one of the early birds to have purchased this figure and so I did an interview with him on his thoughts on the figure.

I was blown away by the pictures that was taken by him of the figure. It looked like a mini version of a Hot Toys Deadshot to me. Needless to say I went and ordered the figure from Amiami and received the figure early last week. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases and I have to say money well spend!

So, I’m gonna share with you guys on what I like and dislike about this figure. Believe me, that’s not much to dislike about this bad boy! I won’t be going through the accessories, alternate hands and head that comes with the figure as I have pretty much covered that in my previous article.


Picture courtesy of Hercules Chung

What I’m gonna touch on are stuff that I have missed out on the previous article as I don’t have the figure in my hands at that time. I’m gonna start of with what I don’t like about this figure. Yes, as with previous Mafex releases it still have some issues with the lower body. Don’t worry, the legs are not loose and have the usual pulling down mechanism you find in other Mafex figures. The issue is when you move the legs and you can hear a clicking sound which may scare off a lot of people because it almost seem like it is going to break. They didn’t break though in case if you are wondering and I have no issue of getting the figure into dynamic poses for my pictures.

Deadshot 3

Deadshot 2

Another thing about the figure to be aware of is please be careful when you are handling the double holsters attached at the back of the figure. It is articulated, whereby you could lift it up to look like he is drawing his weapons from behind which is something cool where the SH Figurarts one can’t do.


Deadshot comes with an impressive masked head. The paint apps and sculpt is top notch like the one from SH Figurarts. The only downside to the masked head is that it doesn’t have a neck joint which may pose a bit of a problem when it comes to posing, the head likes to pop off. Personally, it’s not a big problem for me but I thought that I’d mention it to you guys.

As for the Will Smith head, now that’s one of the selling point of this figure in my humble opinion. It comes with a neck joint whereby posing possibilities hits a high point here. The paint job is also good here and I really love the expression of this headsculpt as compared to the one from SH Figurarts. I would say that it has a more intense look to it making it perfect for cinematic style shots.



The figure comes with a ton of weapons and extra hands as compared to the one from SH Figurarts. You even get a removable knife and the magazines are articulated as well. So, if you’re looking for a figure which comes with a lot of accessories and a dope looking Will Smith head, I would definitely recommend this figure. Another figure which comes to my mind in terms of accessories, extra hands and heads is the Mezco Punisher. From a price point, the Mezco one will cost more than this figure.

The only downside to this figure is the poor joint system and also the tiny peg joints which you need to be extra careful when changing the extra hands. That being said, even the Mezco Punisher for its more expensive price was also being hindered with some QC issues with the peg joints – they break easily.

In terms of scale wise, this figure pretty much towers over every other 1:12 scales figures even the ones from Marvel Legends. It is even taller than the Mafex Batman, so you really have to work the shot if you’re posing them together. I have no issues with taking pictures of them together.

Final words? Despite having issues with its poor joints system, I would still prefer this one over the SH Figurarts Deadshot. Reason being, an impressive Will Smith headsculpt, removable weapons and also extra hands. Pricing wise, they are in the same price range.

So I leave you guys with more shots that I’ve taken of this great figure.




Tham Ying Keet is a Customer Service Manager in a local bank in Malaysia. When he is not counting cash in his office, he can be seen taking pictures of his toys in his man cave. It’s therapeutic according to him, citing Toy Photography as a means of relaxation from his stressful job. When he’s not taking pictures of his toys, you can find him in the local cinemas catching up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters. He is a geek after all.


Last modified: August 4, 2017

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