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What do you get when you combine Star Wars, Funko POPS, and a bi-monthly subscription mystery box? Awesome! That’s what you get! If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned things, then you should definitely check out the Smugglers Bounty subscription box from Funko. This box contains at least one exclusive POP in every box, a collectors pin and patch, and various other Star Wars goodness.


I have to admit that when I first came across this box, I was a little hesitant to subscribe. For one, it’s only a bi-monthly subscription, so you do not get one every month, and second, I am not a huge fan of POPs. I think they look cool, and have seen some pretty amazing ones, but it is not something that I personally collect. So why did I subscribe? My 10 year old daughter loves POPs, and has started collecting them. We, as parents, would do anything for our children, and who am I to deny her the pleasure of collecting toys? Also, it’s Star Wars! I figured even though I do not collect POPs, there would be other cool Star Wars stuff included, so I couldn’t pass it up. So let’s get to the July box, and see what is inside!

Price Point – 8/10

There are two options when subscribing to the Smugglers Bounty box. The first, is a bi-monthly plan for $25 a box, which is $12.50 a month. This is pretty much in line with the other subscription boxes out there that you get every month, so I have no problem with that. What I do find kind of weird is that if you go ahead and subscribe for the entire year (6 boxes), you can get each box for…..$25. Most subscription boxes like this offer a smaller discount if you pay for the entire year up-front, but Smugglers Bounty does not have such an offer. I’m ok with the price, but not having a small discount for paying a larger sum at the beginning is a little off-putting for me.

Content 9/10

Ok, enough of the small talk, let’s get into what is actually in this box. Each month is different, and the only guarantee is at least one exclusive POP, and the pin and patch. Each pin and patch is geared towards that months theme, and this particular month was “Droids”, so the pin and patch were set to match that theme. The pin is a battle droid from Attack of the Clones, and looks pretty cool. The pins so far have always had the same shape to them, just different things on them, but who knows if that will continue next year, or they will change up the shape.

The patch is of C3PO, with a smaller inset of what looks like a R2-D2 look-alike. So far, all my patches are sitting on a shelf, as I’m not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I do have to say they look great. The stitching is high quality, and they are the iron-on type, so you don’t have to go running to your wife to sew it onto your jacket.

Price – About $10 for both



Next up we have the T-shirt. This is the main reason I look forward to the boxes each month as I love geek T-shirts, but unfortunately, you never know if the box will have one or not. I have received socks, sweat bands, and T-shirts previously, so I was super excited to see that plastic bag with a T-shirt inside. This shirt continues the Droid theme and has the scene from The Force Awakens when R2-D2 and BB-8 finally come together and put the map together that will take Rey and friends to Luke. All of the shirts are of course in a POP style, which I think is really cool.

The shirt is great quality, screen printed masterpiece. There is a lot of small detail in this particular one as it has the map of the galaxy with the path to the great one himself highlighted on it. R2-D2 and BB-8 are there in all of their POP glory, and I will be proud to wear this shirt all over town!

Price – $20


So we covered the pin, we showed the patch. The shirt looks really cool. Is there something I’m missing? Oh yea, the POPs! That’s the main selling point of this subscription box, so let’s take a look at this month’s bounty.

This particular box contains not one, but two amazing POPs, and like I said before, I am not a collector of them, but these look AMAZING! First up, we have R5-D4.


This little guy does not have a huge role in the Star Wars universe, and unfortunately meets his demise just moments after meeting him for the first time. That, however, does not take away how really cool he is. The detail that is sculpted into him is perfect, and the colors are spot on. He has this weathered look all over, kinda like he was dragged through the desert by a bunch of JAWA’s. The likeness is uncanny, and I can almost see his head blowing up right after being picked by Uncle Owen.


The next POP up is a super detailed, insanely cool Unfinished C-3PO, that we first see in The Phantom Menace. This is the beginning of the legend of C-3PO himself, when young Anakin first built him, and he was just a huge mess of wires, and huge eyes. While he is unfinished, you can clearly see that it is C-3PO, but instead of that glistening gold outer exterior we are used to seeing, his private parts are clearly just hanging out.


He looks a little creepy, and it looks likes he has two yellow skittles stuck in his face where the eyes are supposed to be, but I can’t help but to keep staring at him. The wires that are exposed throughout his entire body are superbly sculpted and painted, and there are just glimpses of that finished golden armor that we are used to seeing him in. He has all the classic C-3PO style from the circular pattern on his chest, to the gently bent elbows, and there is no mistaking who this is.


Together these two POPs are really cool, and while I am not a collector, I would be proud to display them anywhere. The detail is clearly there, and Funko does not disappoint with their vinyl collectors figures, and the best thing of all, is if you are having a bad day, all you have to do is tap their heads and watch them bobble. If that does not bring a smile to your face, then you simply are not human!

Price – $10-$12 each

Theme – 10/10

The Smugglers Bounty box is clearly all about Star Wars, but each box does have a specific theme. So far, this is my fourth box, and each month has been different, and they announce what the theme is before you get the box. Some may be a fan of this, as you can start drooling over what you think you might get, but for others, they do not like this as they truly like to be surprised each month. Either way, every piece that comes in the boxes will be geared towards that particular theme, and this month’s was Droids.

The shirt, patch, pin, POPs, and T-shirt all had a Droid theme, so I think they carried it out extremely well, and the only Droid I found missing was K2-SO from Rogue One. While I love K2, we do get a healthy dose of C-3PO, R2_D2, and BB-8, so I’m pretty happy.

Overall – 8/10

I really liked this month’s theme with Droids because I think they are some of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars universe. While the overall box seemed a little light with other little knick-knacks, only containing five total items this month, I appreciate that we get two very cool POPs. This does make up for the actual item count being a little low, but I appreciate all of the items being awesome. We get a shirt, which is not guaranteed each month, and for that, I am happy!

If we add up the value of the box this month, it come to about $50, which is way over the $25 I actually paid for it, and you can never go wrong feeling like you definitely got your money’s worth.






Stan is a graphic designer from Orlando, Florida, and has been an avid lover of toys for his entire life. He love’s doing anything that exercises the creative side of his brain and toy photography has been a tremendous outlet for that. When he is not taking photos of toys (which makes his wife shake her head and roll her eyes when he packs toys on all his vacations), he can be find photographing his daughter doing dance, woodworking or flying his drone for cool aerial photography.

Last modified: August 1, 2017

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