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So SDCC 2017 is over and now collectors all over the world are searching for possibilities to earn more money. This years convention was full of awesome announcements and it’s really hard to pick just three releases.

For now I would go for the following line-up:

Hot Toys 1/6th Wonder Woman from the Justice League


Wonder Woman? Yes, since my pre-order of the BvS movie was cancelled I hoped for another release for the Justice League movie. So if a german retailer reads this – make sure to get enough in stock. I need her in that outfit.

Bandai Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie Realization

I love Tamashii Nations samurai line and I’m glad that they’ll continue to release new figures. Jango and Maul are fulfilling my expectations more than 100 percent. But what really made them pop up in my top 3 picks is the announcement of Proto Fett (To me Dale is still the owner of this idea) and Captain America.

These guys will hit a lot of shelves and I can’t wait to have them here! Simply awesome!

Kotobukiya Ash Williams Horror Bishoujo 


Although Kotobukiya just presented a concept art of their upcoming 1/7th scale statue Ash Williams made it into my top 3 too. Most of my Kotobukiya statues are from their 1/10th scale ArtFx line but especially their interpretation of classic horror movie icons caught my interest some time ago.

So it’s obvious to see this statue here too. I’m hoping Kotobukiya delivers this one with an option to display the figure with an alternative sculpt to use the shotgun. But even if they’ll decide not to do it I’m sure she’ll get her place in my collection.

As i said before SDCC was full of amazing and epic announcements so it’s possible that I could change my Top 3 at any time but for now these picks are some of my favorites.




Patrick Pchalek comes from the middle of Germany – the Harz mountains. When he’s not swinging the cooking spoon at one of his restaurants, he spends his rare spare time with photography, wild boars and toys. Well, seems that he has more time than he thinks to treat his mental balance. His pictures can be found under @wonderbunk and his trademarks are versatility and laziness. So he claims.

Last modified: July 31, 2017

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